The Pivotal Role of Technology Providers in Hotel New Build Processes

The US travel & tourism industry reached its peak growth levels between 2009 and 2019. During this time, Deloitte highlight (in the latest “U.S. Consumer 2019 Travel And Hospitality Outlook”) that there was “ a historic burst in travel demand felt by segments across the travel industry.

Lodging Econometrics reported that a record-breaking 1,709 hotel new builds were under construction by the end of Q1 of 2019. Another 2,429 new builds would go under construction in 12 months from April 2019 with 2020 completion dates. They also report that another 1,509 hotel new build projects are in the planning phase and will go into construction by 2020.    

US travel industry gross bookings and revenue, by segment (2009–2017) (US$B) – Courtesy: Deloitte U.S. Consumer 2019 Travel And Hospitality Outlook 

 This phenomenal decade saw hospitality bookings grow from $116 billion to a gargantuan $185 billion across the industry. It is very important to remember the crucial role of technology that is intuitively shaping the future of hotels & other hospitality businesses.  

Keeping the above in mind, hoteliers must comprehend the importance of hotel technology management companies. These professional hospitality technology companies are a rich source for insights, recommendations, and advice for hotel new build integrations.

Hotel technology management companies play a pivotal role in the planning, development, and performance of hotel new builds. Their dynamic role from the planning phase to finally opening the doors for guests is cannot be summarized in a blog, so we will briefly overview the benefits of contracting them. 

Preparing Hotel Owners for the Planning Phase 

A professional hotel technology company offers a unique advantage for hoteliers as they drive the development of your asset during the entire hotel new build process. Contracting the right hotel technology company allows hotel owners to tap into the collective experience of years of hotel technology planning. 

Professional hotel technology managers are also well capable to synergize sales, marketing, and distribution to ensure the hotel is ready to launch when construction is complete. It is usually recommended to contract hotel technology providers with hands-on experience working with your franchise brand standards. 

Budgets & Timelines 

The need for precise budgets and timelines for hotel new builds is a crucial aspect that must be addressed with professional expertise. Later, ongoing monitoring of budgets and timelines becomes the express responsibility of the hotel technology manager. 

Vendor Management 

Another brilliant aspect where hotel technology companies can be invaluable is when validating vendors and suppliers. Vetting your suppliers requires professional expertise and real-time market knowledge. A hotel technology provider can easily vet, negotiate, and onboard vendors due to their regular interaction with hotel technology vendors.  

Hiring the Right Resources 

Hotel new builds require a professional team of dynamic individuals including general contractors of technology, architect, designers, engineers, construction crews and other human resources. 

A hotel technology management company will have ready contacts for human resource outsourcing. It is essential to put together a capable and professional team that can manage all aspects of the hotel new build under your technology manager.  

Remember that the better you invest in human resources the more attractive and functional your hotel new build will be. An experienced hotel technology contractor will immediately let you know that a customized solution is always viable compared to retrofit hotel templates. 

Deploying the Correct Technology 

Managed general contractors of technology are well aware of the underlying technology and industrial machinery required for hotel new builds. These experts are the ideal source of insights, quotes, and contact for these suppliers too. 

Professional Hotel technology providers can offer multiple vendor and construction company quotes, so hoteliers can easily make informed decisions. A hotel technology consultant can also identify popular ERP solutions to manage the day to day operations as they progress. 

Managing the Hotel New Build Phases

From concept & design selection to opening doors to guests the hotel general contractor of technology can become the sole point of contact for hotel owners. From managing construction, floor planning, technology applications, design, architecture, and vendors, a hotel technology general contractor also assists with real-time technology support & maintenance. 

Once the suppliers and construction crews have left, it begins the slow process of allowing the tech to go live and interact with guests. This requires proactive compliance, risk assessment, monitoring and upgrades to ensure zero-day vulnerabilities are taken care of. 

Another crucial benefit of carrying a hotel technology consultant is the invaluable support and maintenance they provide. From a broken down WIFI hotspot to a malfunctioning PMS system, hotel general contractors of technology are the first line of defense for hotels. Hotel technology management companies offer brilliant on-site and off-site support to ensure hotel owners are never left hanging in case of a technology downtime event.   


As technology enters the hospitality industry, more technology management services will be needed to assure ideal deployment, perfect operations, support, maintenance, and compliance. 

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