Hotel General Contractors Provide Professional Insights on Technology Implementations in New Builds

Innovations in construction technology are rapidly driving hotel construction, enhancing the speed and quality of hospitality buildings. Not only does tech enhance the strength & height of hotel structures, but it also makes them energy compliant and less wasteful.

Cutting edge applications of construction technology are already being deployed in hospitality constructions. The likes of digital equipment & tools, telematics applications, mobile apps, smart heavy equipment, aerial drones, manned robots, virtual reality models, and 3D printed buildings etc. are all making hotel construction simpler and more productive.

Today, we take a brief look at the real-time insights a general contractor of technology offers hotel owners to enhance productivity, establish safety & training procedures, address labor shortages, and improve collaboration. 

Enhancing Productivity 

As tradition construction technology and practices become obsolete, there is great interest from hotel owners into applications that makes their asset more efficient, eco-friendly, and appealing. Every hotel new build has its own unique challenges, most of which can be resolved by a general contractor of technology

By streamlining processes, upgrading construction equipment & tools, real time monitoring, and, hands on supplier & vendor management a GC of technology can instantly enhance process productivity. 

Mobile solutions and breakthrough engineering software are allowing engineers to manage every aspect of new hotel builds. From pre-staging and project management to supplies, there are cutting edge applications to simplify processes while boosting productivity. 

Cloud applications are radically innovating the construction phases allowing engineers and project managers to make real time changes. A general contractor of technology can put together ideal systems in place for real time management, improved communication, and collaboration between crews. 

Hotel general contractors of technology are also deploying A.I. to make faster & better decisions to increase productivity. Construction firms can utilize machine learning with data from thousands of projects to determine costs, completion times, crew size etc. in real time. A.I. has proven to reduce waste while phenomenally improving worker productivity.  

There are also other intuitive methods being employed in hotel construction including equipment sensors, wearable tech to track worker progress, robots & drones, and A.I based reporting systems. Get in touch with the AHT Inc. to learn more about improving productivity at your hotel new build with tech.

Safety & Training of Workers 

Improving construction crew safety has been an area of ongoing improvement. Technology is making safety solutions and training easier for construction companies. The implementation of sensors, virtual reality training, and smart wearables are considerably reducing workplace injuries and deaths. 

Site sensors are a popular tool being employed across hotel construction sites to monitor varying factors that can lead to injury or worse. Keeping track of temperature, noise, dust contamination, and harmful compounds allow construction crews to keep hazards at an extreme low. 

Data collected from sensors can then be used to inspect exposure of different factors and can then be used to determine ideal worker conditions in accordance with OSHA laws.  

Smart wearables embedded in apparel, protective gear, wrist bands etc. are also making life safer for workers. These wearables are equipped with biometric & environmental sensors, GPS tracking, Wi-Fi, electricity sensors, and other technologies to gauge practices & work routines.  

Managing Labor Shortages 

A general contractor of technology is a brilliant asset to have by your side for managing construction crew hiring and labor shortages. As hotel construction increases, the demand for trained construction workers is also expected to grow over the coming years. 

In a 10 year trend, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts construction worker demand to grow by 11% from 2016 to 2026. For younger less-experienced workers, the prospect of working with technology can be a great career builder. 

However, the construction of hotels requires resources on an on-going basis. Hotel general contractors are well connected with labor unions and have the necessary automation tools to address labor shortages. 

Manned robots are a popular way general contractors address immediate labor shortages on hotel new build construction sites. For more monotonous and time consuming tasks like bricklaying, robots are deployed to complete tasks with fewer human operators needed to manage the machines. Thanks to the advances in construction robot tech, some tasks require minimal human control or management.  

The great aspect here is that manned robots & A.I. are not replacing, but enhancing & enabling construction crew learning. Workers are more productive, show increased performance, and feel considerable motivation from the huge learning curve. 

To Be Continued ….