Hotel under construction? How about a ‘general contractor of technology’?

As a hotel owner, have you ever considered you needed to be a technology expert? Up until the last ten years, owners had little reason to give much thought to technology infrastructure. Of course, there were the basic services each guest room required, such as internet, televisions, and phones, but, back then, hotels were free of most other information technology (IT) systems and the issues they bring.

That’s changed. Significantly.

Technology Takes Over the Hospitality Industry

Now, hotels are brimming with state-of-the-art technology to satisfy operational needs and surpass guests’ expectations. No one wants to stay the night – or several nights – at a hotel without reliable WiFi, smart TVs, and multiple charging stations.

Hotel brand guidelines, referred to as standards and compliance’s (S&C) now often require technology investments to improve guests’ experiences and maintain or improve their brand identity. Indeed, some older hotels are being forced to undergo significant renovations to comply with updated (S&C).

Why You Need a “General Contractor of Technology”

Hotels have become epicenters of technology, but hotel owners aren’t necessarily technology experts. During and after construction or renovation, hotel owners who opt to manage technology plans on their own find themselves managing multiple vendors who only are engaged in their various installation projects.

Tech vendors who deploy VoIP, security systems, HVAC, and POS systems rarely coordinate with one another unless they are instructed to do so. Ten years ago, 2% of total project costs would be dedicated to technology infrastructures, whereas they have risen to 5% now and continue to rise.

What hotel owners often discover is that integrating various technology systems the hotel requires specialist technical experience and expertise. Mistakes made in technology planning often cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and if the mistake involves infrastructure, it could result in delayed openings and lost revenue.

Fortunately, Advanced Hospitality has over 20 years of experience serving as what our client’s like to call, “general contractor of technology.” So, what does a general contractor (GC) of technology do?

During construction, in a “GC of technology” role, we:

    • Work with you to develop an information technology strategic plan
  • Manage all third-party technology vendors including such aspects as:
        • The Scope of Work (SOW) design
        • Request for Proposal (RFP) reviews and recommendations
        • Vendor coordination and oversight
        • Technology installation timeline
      • Integration of systems
    • Ensure compliance with all regulatory, industry and brand guidelines during the design and implementation of hotel’s IT infrastructure
  • Use our years of experience to efficiently and effectively design and deploy a proven core IT infrastructure, including:
      • Firewalls
      • Servers
      • Printers
      • Switches
    • Workstations

We take the burden of worrying about effectively managing third-party IT vendors and integrating all hotel technology off the shoulders of owners.

But what happens when the installation teams leave, construction is over, and the hotel runs into technical problems?

That’s where Advanced Hospitality transitions into hotel owners’ trusted managed IT services partner.

Managed IT Services for Hotels

There are few businesses that haven’t been tremendously affected by the rapid technological change in the last two decades, and hotels are no exception.

Like many small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), it’s increasingly expensive, to consider hiring a full-time information technology professional who has the knowledge and experience to manage their complex systems effectively.

Hotel owners, like many other SMBs, outsource their IT services and support to a dedicated service provider. The benefit of partnering with us, is you get a team of full-time engineers who have over 20 years’ of experience in hotel & guest technology management. We efficiently ensure your information technology is up-to-date, compliant, secure, and operational.

When serving as a hotel’s managed I.T. service provider, we assist you with:

  •         Continuing management of all third-party technology vendors
  •         Always-available technical support
  •         Constant monitoring and maintenance of your systems
  •         Ongoing strategic planning

Rather than switch from your “GC of technology” to a different provider for managed IT service, we make it easy to continue our relationship after the grand opening. We already understand the property and your needs.  

The Advanced Hospitality Difference

We are leading IT service providers and specialists of hospitality industry tech solutions. We have 20 years of experience focusing solely on the hospitality industry. We work with our clients as strategic partners, ensuring their technology infrastructure works parallel to their long-term goals with as few hiccups as possible.

Whether it’s before you break ground on a new property or after you’ve opened the doors to guests, Advanced Hospitality is your trusted IT partner keeping you, your guests, and your employees satisfied with your technology.