Outsourcing Hotel Technology Management is the Way Forward for Hospitality Businesses in 2020

The U.S. hospitality industry continues its swift transition towards rapidly evolving technologies. Both academics and professionals will agree that technology brings several competitive advantages for hospitality businesses.

From identifying new marketing to alleviating pressure from operations technology is actively helping hotels deliver delightful guest experiences 
As a new generation of travelers & tourists make their presence felt, hospitality businesses are constantly adopting modern technologies to assist with these new audiences. 

Outsourcing Hotel Technology Management  

Hosting an in-house I.T. department is a great idea but, can result to be very costly even for the biggest hotel chains. Therefore global franchises including Marriott, Wyndham, Hyatt, The Ritz Carlton and others recommend their franchisees’ contract local hotel technology providers for their assets.   

Usually, in-house technology management or I.T. departments come with a higher cost. These can include salaries, training, benefits, vacations and the biggest factor, industry experience. 

As finance departments crunch the numbers and hotel owners evaluate investment decisions, they are finding it relatively easy to outsource their critical processes & data to more proficient hotel technology providers. Since developing, monitoring, and upgrading technologies is not their expertise, hotels look towards specialists who do this on a daily basis. 

Knowledge & Insights 

Hotel technology companies are equipped with the latest hotel tech knowledge & insights, in addition to having a clear understanding of franchise technology standards. By intuitively analyzing prevailing trends hotel tech management providers can suggest the best technology solutions, develop future-proof systems, address cybersecurity, and manage hotel I.T. infrastructures conveniently. 

Vendor Partnerships 

Another major advantage of hospitality technology companies is that they have lucrative partnerships with popular hardware & software vendors. They can procure cheaper hardware and software thanks to their long term partnerships with these hotel technology vendors. 

These vendor partnerships are especially great for new hotel builds and properties under renovations. 

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Advanced Hospitality Technologies Inc. partners with the most prominent hotel technology providers to bring you great discounts, better service bundles, and leading-edge tech ideal for modern hotels. Partners including HP, Barracuda, Opera, Ruckus, Fortinet and many others support us services while ensuring superior-tech delivery at hotels.  

Time Savings 

An important benefit of outsourcing your hotel’s technology management to a hospitality management company is the time savings. Staff can be concentrated on the more important aspects of operations, marketing & distribution becomes simpler, and service delivery experiences are a complete makeover.  

With your technology management provider by your side, your staff can concentrate on their tasks rather than running around looking for solutions during system downtimes. Hospitality management companies constantly monitor your hotel technology to ensure security, consistency, and improvements. 

At ADHT Inc. we ensure time prioritization when resolving hotel technology issues. Our 30 min resolution ensures that your hotel systems are back online without hurting your operations. Our excellent team involves service delivery, engineers (3 tiered staff), and customer success to power the solution for your complaints within 30 minutes.    

Staff Training 

Many technologies including property management systems, revenue management systems, local servers etc. require training from experts. A technology management company for hotels can readily provide your staff with relevant training to operate these technologies effectively. 

Similarly, with cybersecurity & PCI compliance becoming the benchmarks for hotel data security, technology partners are essential to constantly update your staff on prevailing threats. Technology management companies can offer a variety of courses for hotel staff to ensure they feel confident when interacting with different on-site tech. 

Advanced Hospitality Technologies offers PCI certified trainers to keep your staff informed and ready when managing payments, processing bookings, and accessing guest data. Our PCI compliance training has offered hotels great insights on how to develop secure networks, how to access & manage data authorizations, what security software to carry, and how to manage the overall cybersecurity of hotel properties.


Outsourcing your hotel’s technology management to a dedicated hotel technology provider can bring massive opportunities for hotels. Time savings, cost savings, operational efficiency, enhanced security, improved guest experiences, and faster service delivery can be instantly observed at tech-enhanced hotels. 

As a new type of traveller emerges in the coming decade, it is essential to understand and respond to this new hotel audience. The tech-savvy traveller is more empowered, educated, and demanding. To address the demand of these travellers, hotel technology management companies are readily offering their services in the hospitality industry.  

Hotels have to evaluate their budgets to accommodate technology management in their overall strategy. As we enter a new decade, we will notice that a multitude of services will be automated to allocate staff elsewhere in hotels. Having a dedicated partner to manage technology downtimes, errors, upgrades, and routine maintenance will be essential to surviving in an already competitive industry. 

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