How Technology Assessments Improve Hospitality Business Performance

Regular technology assessments are necessary for hotels & hospitality businesses in a very tech assisted economy. From point of sale machines to managed business centres every technology touchpoint at hotels needs careful drill down to identify its points of compromise.

Generally, the attack surface in hotels is larger due to multiple technologies integrated across properties. WIFI hotspots, POS machines, PCs, IoT infrastructures, robots, security cams, staff devices, and other technology touch points requires hotels conduct comprehensive technology assessments to determine their ROI and usefulness. 

Technology Assessments Identify New Audiences 

Routine technology assessments can identify areas of improvement & renovation in hotels. This allows hotels to attract new audiences through tech-enhanced amenities and in-room features. Professional hotel technology providers can identify competitive technologies that modern-day travellers expect & demand. 

Introducing intuitive features like mobile apps, keyless entry, mobile check-in, managed business & conference centres etc. can attract a variety of new guests to hotels.

Hospitality technology providers can also identify new distribution services, social platforms, and online tools to reach larger audiences. Hotel management providers can suggest improvements to websites and mobile apps to enhance engagement and trigger more bookings online.

Technology Assessments Identify Technical Vulnerabilities

Hotel owners who usually outsource management to hospitality technology partners will agree that tech assessments allow their hotel to stay competitive, while their guests are convinced by the data protection and security provided.   

Routine maintenance and assessments of hotel technology can identify back-door and system vulnerabilities that have arisen as the infrastructure as aged. For instance, at Advanced Hospitality Technologies Inc. we include a quarterly maintenance schedule to keep your technology functional and downtimes minimal. 

Regular professional technology assessments instantly identify breach attempts, existing threats within the system, and cybersecurity software that needs updating. This ensures that your hotel, staff, and guests have robust data security when at the property. 

Technology Assessments Keep Operational Risk Low 

Regular technology assessments allow your hotel processes to run smoothly with incurring downtimes. Since most hotel operations today are managed through technology it is essential to keep these systems functional under all circumstances. 

A professional hotel technology assessment can identify which systems need backups, or a clearly defined contingency plan to continue operations even with a system failure. For instance, in case the keyless entry feature is affected, your front desk can quickly revert back to swipe cards as an emergency measure. 

Similarly, technology assessments also identify the number of data back-ups your hotel should carry. With the advent of cloud PMS systems, it has become very convenient for hotels to maintain ready cloud backups in case of a system failure or downtime. This keeps operations on track, and your staff stress-free. 

Technology Assessments Make Way for Property Renovations 

Professional hotel technology assessments can make way for entire property renovations. These renovations can be minor (hardware & software) or major ones that require renovations for the entire property.  

As hotels age and their tech infrastructure become obsolete, technology assessments can immediately pin-point renovations. Hotel technology managers can identify structural renovations, hardware & software upgrades, security patches, wires & connectivity etc. with thorough assessments. 

Technology Assessments Enhance Readiness Towards Threats 

 Regular technology assessments have proved to be very effective in keeping hotels ready for modern-day cyberattacks. By future-proofing hotel infrastructures, hotel technology providers can keep hotel systems immune to devastating cyber threats. 


At Advanced Hospitality Technologies Inc. we offer a team of highly professional technology managers who assist you throughout your technology renovations and assessments. The addition of our White Glove services has allowed us to keep franchise & stand-alone hotels competitive against modern operational, non-systemic, and cyber risks. 

For more information about technology assessments and how to book one with our team, simply leave your query on our Contact Us page. For an on-call briefing remember to call us at 510-900-5990.