ADVH Tech Inc. Training Modules: Educate Your Hotel Staff About Latest Hospitality Cybersecurity & PCI Compliance Best Practices

Advanced Hospitality Technologies Inc. has been part of the U.S. hotel industry for over 20 years. Ever since offering our first “PCI compliance & cybersecurity best practices” course, we have aimed to enhance hoteliers’ learning and understanding about modern technology threats.

Our highly experienced trainers are authorized by both the PCI Council and certified by the HFTP (Hospitality Association for Financial & Tech Professionals). Our aim is to nurture an environment of robust cybersecurity and information security policies that readily secure hotel technology assets and sensitive guest data. 

The Aim of ADVHTech Inc.’s PCI Compliance Training 

Primarily our PCI compliance & cybersecurity training modules help hoteliers, especially payment processing staff & front desk officers, understand the significance of cyber breaches and hacks. 

Understanding PCI DSS Standards 

Our expert trainers clearly outline the cost of carrying non-compliant legacy technologies and the resulting repercussions. Our course aims to familiarize hotel staff with:

  • The purpose and history of PCI DSS
  • The 12 PCI Council standards/requirements relevant to the front desk.
  • Your responsibility for following those standards
  • The steps necessary to protect cardholder information from potential breaches
  • How to help reduce credit card fraud and identity theft for guests

Responsibility & Accountability

Our secondary aim to dispense this training to hotel staff is to teach them their responsibility and accountability when handling sensitive guest data. The PCI Council established that “every hotel employee who accepts, processes and stores cardholder data is responsible for following the PCI Data Security Standards”. 

Our leading-edge PCI training modules educate front desk agents letting them embrace their accountability for protecting guests’ sensitive card information from being stolen during a security breach.


Cybersecurity experts & professionals already emphasize the importance of encrypted communications. Our leading-edge training modules educate your staff to breed a culture of security through secure communication & data processing. We give your staff relevant tools, policies and best practices to create future proof technology cultures.

Understanding Data Breaches 

Our latest PCI Compliance training modules clearly outline the various methods cybercriminals use to infiltrate hotel technologies. We train hotel staff to identify threats like Trojans, Spam, Phishing, Malicious Apps & Links etc. to instantly block such vulnerabilities. 

Quarantine & Recovery Management 

While recovery management is not on our curriculum, we train hotel staff to immediately contact our support centre in case of a breach. Our breakthrough quarantine measures tech hotel staff to effectively limit threats from spreading into your hotel technology framework. 

External Factors that Affect Hotel Technology 

Our talented & professional trainers ensure that your team is ready to handle factors that negatively affect your hotel technology systems. They outline the miscellaneous factors that lead to a network being susceptible to threats and demonstrate the benefits of a secure system. 

Advanced Hospitality Technologies Inc. PCI Compliance Training 

Our certified trainers offer cutting edge updated training covering all 12 PCI Compliance rules. These rules are categorized under 6 broad goals that our professional trainers deliver through real-time sessions. 

  • Build & Maintain a Secure Network 
  • Protect Cardholder Data 
  • Maintain a Vulnerability Management Program 
  • Implement Access & Authorization Control Policies 
  • Monitor & Test Network Regularly 
  • Develop & Maintain Digital Management Policies 

Book A Training Session for Your Staff Today 

At Advanced Hospitality Technologies Inc. we rigorously update our training program to prepare hoteliers for the future. We ensure that your hotel staff are adequately equipped with all relevant practices to manage a cyber threat. 

Book your training session today with our talented & professional PCI certified trainers. Give your hotel staff the competitive edge against cybercriminals to deliver a lasting secure guest experience.