Integrating Mobile Room Keys for Better Hotel Guest Management

Mobile applications have really taken off in hospitality, especially with the prevailing safeguards in place for hospitality businesses in the United States. Mobile RFID BLE room keys are the latest mobile integration becoming very popular even in small and medium-sized hotels. 

This reasonably simple tech has already allowed franchises like the Marriott Group and Hilton hotels to create highly personalized contactless guest experiences. The Marriott Bonvoy mobile app for instance offers a plethora of features including online bookings, mobile check-in, mobile room keys, concierge chat, and much more.

In a recent interview Mohammed.S. Ziaee (HFTP, PCIP, CEH), Director of Information Technology at AHT Inc. commented that:

“Since smartphone usage is so mainstream among guests and travelers, hospitality providers are increasingly turning to these cost-efficient solutions amid the pandemic. I have noticed that hotel operators who invested in certain mobile solutions over 2020 now stand out from the industry.

Mobile applications have already proven to grow in room revenue and secured phenomenal guest satisfaction ratings. The increasing number of millennial travelers already demand more customization and assistant through mobile technology, something hospitality providers must look towards.”

What is Mobile Room Key?

Mobile room keys primarily originated from its predecessor RFID or radio frequency room keys. Also termed smart keys, mobile room keys are the latest upgrade to the plastic key card. Provisioned by the front desk to a particular guest phone, the mobile room key acts the same as a plastic card. 

Guests can conveniently open doors with a tap, and with COVID19 still alarmingly high, they never have to touch unnecessary surfaces.  

Why Do US Hotels Need Mobile Room Key Services?

Guests & Travelers Demand More Mobile 

 A 2019 Criton survey identified that guest smartphones were an essential medium to deliver better services and improving overall experience in hotels and resorts. The research identified the sheer use of mobile technology to book travel, accommodation, and use in-house services. 

The survey also concluded that a resounding 74% of hotel guests use digital channels when the hotel brand offers a mobile app, tablet, or website.  

“Increasingly, today’s travelers are downloading apps that help them get around and stay connected with their hotel,” “That level of tech awareness or even dependency also raises expectations for information, guest services such as check-in, digital key and offers and incentives to reward their loyalty.”

  • Criton founder & CEO Julie Grieve 

Global Oracle and Skift also identified in a survey that guests are willing to travel and stay in hotels that have established contactless experiences primarily through mobile. Guests feel convenient to bypass the front desk and check-in directly through a tap on their phone screen. 

Similarly, mobile room keys are also popular feature travelers have demanded amid growing concerns of coronavirus infection. These Bluetooth based mobile keys are directly assigned to guest phones through a central management interface at the front desk. 

Cost-Efficient for Hotel Operators 

Mobile BLE room keys are a highly cost-effective option for asset owners compared to RFID plastic cards. The maintenance cost of plastic cards when lost, damaged or stolen is also a pain for hoteliers in the long run. 

Mobile room keys are easier to deliver digitally and only remain in the guest’s smartphone. The mobile room key has no maintenance cost, in addition, the repair and maintenance of Bluetooth Light Energy locks are far less than older RFID plastic key cards. 

Enhanced Guest Satisfaction & Loyalty 

Several academic pieces of research have proven then efficiency and guest satisfaction boost hospitality operators’ experience through mobile technology. Mobile room keys bring about an enhanced feeling of satisfaction and loyalty among guests. 

Mobile room key features provide guests exactly what they expect from modern hoteliers, convenience in the palm of their hand. This improved satisfaction enhanced brand prestige, allowing hoteliers to build more concrete experiences for the future. 

How AHT Inc. Helps Hotels 

AHT Inc.’s signature mobile BLE room keys are inspired by the same world-class solution deployed in Marriott Hotels.  Our seven-step mobile room key integration allows hospitality providers to conveniently convert legacy locks to cutting edge BLE mobile room key technology.  

Our mobile key locks are sourced from world-class hospitality vendor dormakba. We deploy their SAFLOK 6000 series that provide enhanced energy efficiency, offer increased security, and serve a longer life. 

Our professional team also performs comprehensive hotel technology gap assessments to provide operators a complete audit report of their property technology infrastructure. Conducted over the back office, network systems, and guest technology systems, our breakthrough tech gap assessments allow hoteliers to identify competitive advantage. 

Get in touch with our team today to discuss our signature mobile key solution.