Introducing The General Contractor of Technology for Hotels

Modern-day hotels are designed with a wide range of technologies integrated across their foundations. Every hotel new build also has several vendors and suppliers, all of whom have to be managed.

Most hotel owners are caught up with the micro-management of their new hotel builds which can affect the overall efficiency of their entire project. Some hotel owners, however, hire a ‘general contractor of technology’ to undertake their new hotel builds.  

Hotel General Contractor of Technology

At Advanced Hospitality we have established the “general contractor of technology” role, to assist hotel owners to build or renovate hotels that delight guests. As a project manager and a technology consultant, the GC of technology is your single point of contact for:

  • RFP & RFI Management  
  • Vendor Management & Collaboration
  • Technology Procurement
  • Technology Floor Planning
  • Technology Compliance
  • Technology Budgeting
  • Security & Risk Assessment
  • Franchise Brand Standard Compliance
  • Pre-opening Testing

The general contractor of technology analyzes your hotel design to determine all the applications of technology on the property. From pre-staging to post-opening, our GC of technology assists you with everything from initial vendor collaboration till pre-launch testing.

The GC of technology’s role is primarily that of a facilitator & consultant for your property. You can look at the big picture, while our expert GC will overlook the micromanagement of technology design & deployment.

Consult with a General Contractor of Technology Today!

Our professional general contractors of technology are available from 9 AM to 6 PM, Mondays to Fridays.

You can schedule a call or book an appointment with one of our general contractors to discuss hotel new build projects, renovations, and even compliance issues at a property. You can schedule a meeting with our expert GCs by filling out the contact us form.