Why Hotels Are Focusing on Staff Training Programs

Service quality in modern hotels is highly dependant on the competence of staff. The knowledge, skills, ideas, and experience of staff are determining factors that build loyalty and the lasting image of a hotel franchise.  

Staff training can be critical for the survival of hotels in several ways, for instance:

  • Training increases hotel staff productivity equipping them with latest knowledge
  • Staff training teaches new skills, experienced best practices and innovative ideas
  • Training is also a great motivator and inspires hotel staff to achieve more 
  • Training & education allows staff to clearly understand the critical aspects of their jobs

World class hotel franchises include staff training within their HRM strategies for successful overall business strategy goal completion. Multiple researchers have already concluded with evidence that training is the “crucial path of motivating employees and increasing productivity in the business.” 

As technology becomes an essential part of every hotel business, employees need to be skilled with modern tech operations, and equipped with the necessary knowledge to manage daily tasks. 

Hotel Staff Training Benefits to the Employee 

Training immensely benefits the staff, their performance, and behaviour at the workplace. Some of the most obvious advantages of hotel staff training include:

Training increases job satisfaction and recognition 

Training introduces staff to their work objectives, how to achieve them, the role they play at the hotel, and how to approach their daily tasks efficiently. This gives employees at the hotel a sense of pride, responsibility, and satisfaction on the job. Staff feel recognized and feel important in their role when it is completely defined to them. 

Encourages self-development and self-confidence 

Successful training teaches staff the importance & critical aspects of their job when at the property. The knowledge and experience offered by the training makes staff confidence, allowing them to deliver better, more hospitable services to guests.  

Training enables employees to achieve personal goals

Training can enlighten staff to open their career choices to broader roles and set new career targets. Constant education and training workshops allow employees to learn new skills, increasing their chances to qualify for promotions and develop entirely new roles.  

Training prepares staff for effective problem solving

Practical & guided training is a very effective way to teach employees methods of problem solving and resolve guest complaints with the best course of action. Trainers can teach through active roleplay exercises, demonstration of technology, and offer advice that can open staff minds to more creative problem solving techniques. 

Training enables hotel staff to be more productive

Staff training has over the years proven to be a very lucrative method of making hotel employees more productive, quickly. Once staff feel confident with the tasks, have updated knowledge, and latest techniques to perform their duties they will display increased productivity.  

Benefits of Staff Training for the Hotel 

Staff training is also very beneficial for the hotel as a whole. Here are the popular advantages gained by hospitality companies through effective staff training: 

Training leads to improved profitability 

Since training improves staff morale and job satisfaction, services are delivered in a more congenial manner. This delivers better guest satisfaction scores and enhances hotel profitability in both the long & short terms.  

Proper training identifies hazards, accidents and safety violations 

Hotel staff working within critical & dangerous functional areas are made aware of underlying hazards through effective training. There are proper SOPs of handling tools, technology, I.T. equipment, laundry, room cleaning, and other areas of the hotel. Guided training allows staff to identify dangerous situations, and safety violations immediately and take proper precautions.  

Training enhances organizational development 

Hotels constantly innovate work practices and their in-house technology to compete with the industry. Training assures the competitiveness of the organization as a whole by bringing quality, efficiency, effective service delivery, and customer loyalty.   

Staff training reduces wastage and costly staff turnover 

Effective training immediately pinpoints wastage of time & resources in hotel operations. Thus, staff can concentrate on removing practices that lead to wastage and inefficiency. Routine training can alleviate pressure on staff and considerably reduce staff turnover. This also significantly reduces new staff on-boarding costs. 


Staff training is a crucial part of every hotel business’s human resource management strategy. Effective training improves customer loyalty, enhances brand image, hotel profitability, employee motivation, and many other competitive aspects. 

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