Three Things to Consider When Selecting a General Contractor on a Hotel New Build Project

STR reported in October 2020 that the US was leading the development and opening of new hotel builds during the COVID19 pandemic. The trend has remained positive with Lodging Econometrics reporting in January 2021 that 5,216 hotel new builds were in the pipeline. 

Hotel new build general contractors has been one of the most demanded professional expertise in the US with local travel slowly taking off. Hotel operators are increasingly looking for general contractors who can provide access to vendors, manage delayed projects and provide cost effective management of the entire new build process. 

Let’s take a quick look at three important factors that hotel operators must evaluate before choosing the right general contractor for their hotel new builds. 

Experience of Hotel New Build Project Management 

The most important factor when choosing the right general contractor of technology is to evaluate the experience a hotel management company offers. As hotel operators look to minimize costs, the ideal general contractor must offer a versatile management suite which offers hotels multiple solutions under one roof. 

Due to the underlying liabilities of COVID19 it is essential that hotel operators evaluate all the services provided by their chosen hotel new build general contractor. An experienced solution provider can offer access to construction crews, manage teams, maintain budgets, and keep projects on time. 

Hotel operators are also increasingly investing in technology solutions to assist both their staff and keep guests safe during their stay. An experienced hotel management company will also offer access to technology vendors and offer hands-on management of technology integrations. 

Vendor Management 

Vendor management remains one of the core aspects of completing a hotel new build project on time. Specialist general contractors of technology are equipped with the right expertise and connections to deliver timely vendor management solutions for hotel new builds. 

Experienced general contractors have access to hospitality centric vendors allowing faster integration and more reliable solutions for guests. General contractors of technology offer vetted vendors with already established cost outlays for hotel new builds. 

Once vendors are chosen, the general contractor must also provide the essential team management to keep installation and construction on schedule. With costs a major factor, keeping the hotel new build development on time is a critical factor that allows timely opening and opening doors to guests. 

Planning & Budget Management 

Planning and budgeting for a hotel new build project can be time consuming and costly when it comes to aligning various functions. Experienced general contractors for hotel new builds can provide similar cost and development outlays that allow faster development of projects. 


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