What to Expect from Your Hotels IT Managed Service Provider

It’s important to have a general contractor (GC) of technology during hotel construction to manage and coordinate third-party technology vendors. A GC of technology ensures vendors meet the latest industry best practices and brand standards when installing technologies, in addition to planning & deploying the I.T. infrastructure.

Continuing your relationship with your managed service provider (MSP) almost assures the hotel is always up-to-date with brand I.T. standards & compliance (S&C). A managed service provider can also lead to significant time and cost savings in the process.

If your current MSP doesn’t have the experience in managing hotel technology, you should consider employing other I.T. providers that do. If you’re currently managing your own I.T. infrastructure and support, you’ll likely find yourself overwhelmed by the plethora of issues.  

We understand the complexity of managing hotel IT projects, especially when they involve multiple vendors. Our vast experience and know-how ensure your technology projects, as well as your day-to-day operations, move smoothly.

What to Expect from a Hospitality-focused I.T. Managed Service Provider

There are several benefits to expect from the MSP you choose to partner including:

  1. Continual third-party vendor management and technology planning
  2. Ongoing support for your employees and your I.T. infrastructure
  3. Ensuring the guest technology experience meets expectations

As your GC of technology, we understand your hotel technology needs. IT issues don’t go away when construction ends, and nor should your relationship with your IT provider. Aside from supporting the day-to-day I.T. operations, we work with hotel owners and brand representatives to keep our clients’ hotels up-to-date on any new brand-mandated technology standards.

Aside from supporting the day-to-day operations of the hotel’s information technology, we work with the hotel owner and brand representative to keep our clients’ hotels up-to-date on any new brand-mandated technology standards. We use the brand’s guidebook when designing, implementing and maintaining your I.T. infrastructure.

When implementing changes to your hotel’s information technology infrastructure to meet new technical standards, we ensure any third-party vendors meet the brand’s compliance standards. We take the seemingly never-ending burden of complying with technology S&C’s off the shoulders of hotel owners.

Additionally, we include these 10 managed I.T. services:

  1. Risk and Compliance Management (PCI & PII)
  2. Back Office Management
  3. Guest Technology Experience
  4. Operational Systems Management
  5. Onsite Support
  6. Always-available Technical Support
  7. Cyber security and Information Security
  8. Network Monitoring
  9. Employee Electronic Policy Management
  10. End User Security Awareness Training

We offer hotel owners a selection of tech solutions, both customized & end-to-end packages when they contract our fully managed service. With experience as GC of technology and as a managed service provider for many hotels, we offer clients a one-stop shop for their technology management needs – from construction to ongoing operations.

Advanced Hospitality Technologies as Your MSP

At Advanced Hospitality, we believe in long-term partnerships, and that means ensuring your hotel’s systems are stable, current, and that you don’t experience unnecessary downtime. We work with you to establish a future-proof technology strategy your hotel can use for years to meet guests’ expectations, maintain brand compliance & standards, and streamline operations.

IT Projects and People Outsourcing

Advanced Hospitality can serve as your GC of technology, fully manage your hotel’s I.T. needs or take the role of supplemental I.T. partner for outsourced projects and day-to-day tasks. The benefit is you only hire an I.T. provider when you need one and save on overall I.T. employment costs.