Hospitality Technology Guide #1 – How To Begin Hotel Technology Renovations

Most hotel operators get stuck at the question, where do we begin our technology renovations and integrations?

The hotel technology management process usually begins with a complete audit of existing I.T. assets and technology inventories. It is essential to understand where hotel technology foundations stand on day 1 and then identify the purpose of making the technology investment. 

Usually, a CTO or Chief Technology Officer handles the process of identifying the right technologies to facilitate various hotel services and operations. In many cases though hotel operators contract hotel technology management providers to handle renovations, new builds, and integrations. 

In post-COVID19 times hoteliers are looking to automate multiple areas of service and operations. From keeping back office staff safe through remote work to keeping guests safely in their rooms through digital services, hotels are making massive investments in Bluetooth, QR, smart room, robotics, and mobility tech. 

The Hotel Technology Assessment 

The technology manager must first perform a physical audit to know the hard profile of the hotel. Understanding the hardware profile is necessary to identify liabilities, vulnerabilities, and compliance issues. 

At AHT Inc. for instance, our team uses a strategic checklist that analyzes every aspect of hotel technology foundations and presents them in a detailed report to the hotel management. 

Once all assets are profiled, it is essential to then analyze the cybersecurity and network infrastructure of the hotel. Most legacy hotels offer very basic technology infrastructures, which are both insecure and carry liability for the hotel. 

The hotel technology manager must know about every device and every node connected to the hotel network. This is essential to ensure that employee networks and guest networks are separate in addition to being highly secure through a basic firewall. 

The process finally ends with a risk assessment that identifies actions surfaces, liabilities, and risks to the hotel operator. This detailed assessment is usually performed by a certified assessor and also PCI Professionals. 

Vendor Management 

Procuring from the right vendors remains one of the most crucial aspects of renovating technology in hotels. Not every technology is meant for hospitality or is designed to fit the specific tasks hoteliers need it for. 

A professional hotel technology provider usually offers ready requests for proposals that they have secured for similar hotel sizes. Vendor selection is critical for hotels due to three important aspects: installation, support, and upgrades. 

Technology vendors limit their services to installation, and few go the distance to maintain relationships for support and compliance. This is where a dedicated technology manager or technology management company is crucial for hotel operators to consult with. 

Technology Health Reports

The final step to identify important technology renovations is with the presentation of the technology health report card, as we call it at AHT Inc. 

This comprehensive report analyzes the entire technology and IT infrastructure of the hotel for its reliability, security, and efficiency. The report categorically identifies the state of existing technology, its compliance, its liabilities, and security. 

The health report card also presents the entire technology strategy that needs to be pursued to fill the service delivery gap. Identifying the most ideal hotel technologies from vetted vendors, the technology report card highlights necessary renovations and how they will enhance hotel services.   


We hope you enjoyed our first hospitality technology guide to begin your journey towards technology renovations in your hotel. 

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