Hotels Using Technology Management as a Strategic Advantage As Travel Begins in US

In their latest news release, Skift, identifies a great outlook for hospitality, leisure & travel as vaccinations increase and restrictions are removed for domestic travel in the US. 

Skift reports an increase in online travel searches, bookings, and air travel numbers, which is an excellent sign of recovery for hospitality businesses. In their 12 June report, STR identified that occupancy numbers reached their highest since November 2019, standing at 66% with an ADR of $125.16 and a RevPar of $82.56. S

Hotel operators have been proactive in their management of COVID19, with a recent Longwoods International hospitality survey identifying that 49% of travelers responded that they received the same service as post pandemic times. 

The sheer investment in technology and emphasis in technology management has already allowed branded hotels like the Marriott, Hilton, and many others to reopen even during lockdowns. 

Technology management is quickly being recognized as a leading driver to evolve hotel services, and renovate them through technology. Technology management is allowing hotel operators to completely redesign their services and operations. 

The first step towards successful hotel technology management is the development of a seamless guest technology experience. This means all the foundations are laid down to make the experience quality, consistent, and exciting for guests. 

The process really begins with being searchable in the digital landscape allowing more travelers to experience the brand through its website and social feeds. Having a sound digital interface to attract and keep travelers engaged is a necessary technology management strategy. 

These digital assets are then deployed as direct booking systems, allowing guests to get direct quotes and book rooms on the spot. Many hotel franchises like the Marriott Hotel Group keeps its customers connected through social media providing them with news, travel information, and special offers for being loyal to the brand. 

Technology management on the property is a completely different thing compared to marketing and distribution. This is where technology has to make hotel services execute simultaneously in cohesion with each other. 

Recent developments due to the coronavirus have already restricted hoteliers to integrate digital check-in or touchless check-in. This is the process of automating the check-in process and is usually achieved through mobile devices, website check-in, QR codes, tablets, and digital kiosks. 

This process is critical since this is also where the guest will be registered with the hotel PMS and accounting systems. This check-in process must be fluid, simple, and consistent, therefore, it must be properly tested, integrated and monitored for seamless service delivery. 

Bluetooth based mobile rooms keys are also becoming a popular feature in hotels. This phenomenal technology is not only convenient & safe for guests, but also a superb cost saving breakthrough for hotel owners. 

Assigned usually through an app interface, mobile room keys provide guests safe contactless access to their room. In addition, the bluetooth based mobile key is always safe with the guest in their room.  

Technology management is again necessary to ensure the seamless access to room doors, maintenance of the LTE locks, and firmware upgrades for the software when a vulnerability is detected. 

Technology management strategies and policies are necessary to guarantee reliability, security, and efficiency of hotel technology assets. Many hotels are now integrating smart room technology providing guests with even more personalization & control over their environment. 

Since control is usually given over a mobile device or room tablet, it is essential for the hotel technology manager or technology management provider to monitor the experience as it proceeds. 

Technology management is even more crucial for back office and staff when it comes to hospitality. Since most guest services are now migrated to technology systems, staff must always be monitoring guest satisfaction through technology. 

Operational apps in smartphones are already allowing hotel staff to perform their routine duties while keeping engaged with the guests at all times. Staff in many hotels are using digital checklists to clean rooms, and assist guests through online chat as the need arises.

The back offices of hotels have never been so digitized and synchronized. With many staff confined to their homes, digital technology like remote work systems, cloud-based PMS software, conferencing tools, revenue & inventory apps, and online security systems are changing how hotel tech assets are managed today. 

With so much technology featured in hotels today, one of the most important reasons to have a technology management policy is to have support when it’s most needed. Usually a technology management provider will offer ready support engineers both remotely and in person when needed. 

Hotel operators have to strategize their support by either hiring an in-house engineer who can work with different technologies, or contract a hotel technology management company to handle support, maintenance, and compliance. 

Technology management is a strategic aspect of hotels today, hence it must be documented and updated accordingly for competitive advantage. Hotel operators who are investing in technology must also understand the significance of managing these assets once they are deployed. 


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