Innovating Services and Reducing Costs with Hotel Technology Management in 2021

Ever since the COVID19 pandemic began hoteliers knew their only anchor in this turmoil would be intuitive technology integrations in their assets. Hospitality providers like Hilton and Marriott Groups had already taken the initiative to secure their future at the beginning of the past decade. 

Today, independent and boutique hotel operators are increasingly pursuing technology initiatives that can make their hotels secure, more accessible, and hospitable for travelers. 

The advent of contactless check-in through QR Code Technology, Mobile Apps etc. is already changing the way hospitality businesses work. Prominently because of COVID19 safety but also because of their immense convenience, contactless check-in services are a leading tech that hotel operators are deploying. 

In his discussion with us, M.S.Ziaee – Director of Information Technology AHT Inc. , established that:

“Contactless check-in services have completely innovated the check-in and checkout processes in hotels. 

The guest walks in, scans a QR code into their smartphone camera and they have checked into the hotel, no lines … no data entry processes … just proceed to your room. This has completely changed the way hotel lobbies and front desks work.

The technology takes care of guest onboarding while more staff is available to assist guests and perform priority tasks. While this process makes checking in more sleeker and faster, it allows hotels to save hours of staff time completing high priority tasks.”

A popular way hotels are innovating their operations is through the use of technology assisted ‘centralized property management.’ Integration of cloud based Property Management Systems is allowing hotels to create secure centralized networks that connect data across multiple assets. 

The hotel operator can then manage revenue strategies, distribution & marketing, inventory, and personnel through a central PMS interface. Wyndham Hotels & Resorts recently chose Amazon Web Services (AWS) as their preferred technology management partners. 

AWS will innovate Wyndham services through its various technology solutions allowing the hotels 21 brand to “enhance business performance, reinvest approximately 45% of reduced data center operating costs, and shut down additional physical data centers, putting it on track to achieve its goal of running 90% of its infrastructure in the cloud.”

M.S.Ziaee discusses that “yes every hotel can invest in technology, but where does the operator go from there?

Proficient technology management can allow hotels to save on significant costs, this includes staff time savings. For instance, Mobile room key technology has already proven to save well over $10,000 annually for hotels. 

Optimizing hotel back office operations through technology is one of the most important aspects that most hoteliers are unaware of. Imagine how much time digital guest services save for staff, it can be hundreds of hours when accumulated over a year. 

Imagine how efficient a hotel can be with predictive maintenance systems that allows the technology manager to immediately order maintenance on expiring technologies. 

The use of digital menus for in-house dining is already demonstrating tive savings for order acceptance, preparations and delivery to guest rooms. All these fantastic technologies when managed professionally have already demonstrated their benefits over the past 2 years.   

Not only does proactive technology management save on costs and precious staff time, but it alleviates staff fatigue over time. In a time when hotel operators need to optimize every dollar invested, technology management is crucial to ensure the hotel technology stack is optimally being utilized.” 


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