5 Reasons Hotels Need Managed I.T. Support in 2021

The US hospitality industry is rapidly adopting technology to make lodging experiences safer, more personalized, and enjoyable. More technology is now lining up in hotels than ever before, with Oracle identifying in a 2020 survey that almost 60% of surveyed hoteliers were preparing for technology investments at that time.  

The increase in IT assets, contactless guest services, and digital investments does however require constant monitoring, frequent maintenance, and around the clock support for optimal performance. 

Hoteliers must maintain great consistency to ensure every guest is receiving an enjoyable personalized experience powered through technology. Hotel I.T. support in itself is a strategic policy for all modern day hotels that invest in back office and guest service technology.

Today we take a look at three reasons why hotels need managed IT support services in 2021. 

More Technology Featuring in Hotels 

A study conducted by SKIFT and Oracle identified that 70% of hotels have already integrated or are in the process to deploy contactless payments, live chat, room access, and check-in services in their assets. 

The use of smartphone technology, QR Code services, websites, and self service tech is increasingly featured in hotels as they enact social distancing and new hygiene rules. This rapid transition towards technology increases the need for proactive support and management of hotel IT assets. 

As more hotel processes get digitized, hotel staff can safely manage guest services from the back office. Technology allows hotels to build contactless guest experiences, simply meaning guests can now experience the same great service with more personalization without human interactions. 

Managed IT support services for hotels are essential to keep this contactless experience seamless and consistent for every guest. 

Identify Vulnerabilities and Compliance Issues in Real Time 

Managed hotel IT support can allow hoteliers to identify major vulnerabilities and compliance issues instantly before they become a liability. 

As more technology features in hotels, the responsibility of hoteliers also increases for the handling of guest data and payment information. Professional IT support can identify the status of hospitality IT assets in case of an issue, allowing the engineers to immediately secure them. 

A simple diagnosis from an IT support engineer can also identify any compliance issues for payments systems, back office software, and security tools. A basic hotel already features internet, smart TVs, revenue & inventory software, a PMS, mobility tools, QR codes and many other tools that require immediate support in case of down times. 

Safer & Cost Efficient

Many hotels are already downsizing on staff primarily due to social distancing and health safety challenges. Having a managed hotel IT support partner is safer and cost efficient than having an on-site engineer.

Professional hotel IT support providers are equipped with the necessary knowledge and experience to handle issues both remotely or through a vetted engineer. This allows hotels to stay online and liability free without having to worry about the safety of engineers and their wages.    

Managed IT support providers for hotels also offer routine maintenance checks ensuring that every asset is secure, performing efficiently, and compliant. This not only saves hotel operators time, but also the extra cost of engaging a freelance IT engineer for the task. 


AHT Inc. offers a diverse portfolio of hotel IT support and technology management services for hospitality operators. Our exclusive IT support for hotel businesses offer a variety of services including 24 hour professional engineer support, quarterly maintenance checks, HSIA support, and on-field engineer support. 

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