Discussing the Significance Of Technology and I.T. Support for U.S. Hospitality Businesses

The USA is one of the most popular and desired travel destinations in the world, attracting visitors from all over the globe. These travelers bring with them very unique demands and personalized requests for the hotel business, both of which (in most cases) require the use of leading hospitality technologies to fulfill.

Infographic Courtesy of U.S. Travel Association Fact Sheet 2018

The U.S. travel association identified that a gargantuan $1.1 trillion was spent by travelers in 2018 alone, this the association estimates generated $2.5 trillion of economic output. 

“Direct spending by resident and international travelers in the U.S. averaged $3.0 billion a day, $124.3 million an hour, $2.1 million a minute and $34,500 a second.”

The U.S. Travel Association Fact Sheet 2018

WEA Remarketing defines the four pillars of change affecting the U.S. hotel & leisure industry. According to the business research firm four factors namely technology, innovation, culture, and authenticity are constantly disrupting the U.S. hospitality sector.  

The modern traveler is not only highly connected but also highly informed thanks to brilliant smart home technologies becoming part of their daily lives. On average a traveler carries up to three different interconnected devices when they are traveling. 

These connected devices can include smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, laptops, and even smart vehicles. To cater to this new generation of travelers, the U.S. hotel industry must be prepared with the right technologies and the proper strategies to keep this technology in optimal condition to deliver undeterred guest satisfaction. 

Staying Compliant & Secure 

Regular technology & I.T. maintenance will keep your hotel delivering memorable experiences indefinitely. Routine maintenance can identify compliance issues and hardware upgrades that can cause issues later on. 

Compliance is one of the major concerns in hospitality, with payment system compliance and cybersecurity in the front seat. A compliant technology infrastructure will ensure peace of mind and undeterred services. 

Hotel POS systems are one of the most attacked in the USA, with hospitality ranking as the second most breached industry in the country. Even the Federal Trade Commission and the PCI Council have taken stern steps to ensure that hotels are regularly conducting maintenance on their POS machines. 

Similarly, hotel websites, mobile apps, touch payment systems, reservations systems, network servers, and other technologies require regular onsite maintenance to remain functional.   

AHT Inc. has supported hotels with breakthrough onsite support and maintenance for well over 2 decades. Powered with a team of proficient hospitality engineers and a highly experienced supervisor, we ensure your hotel technology is functional and remains that way.  

High-Speed Internet Access & 24/7 Support 

High-speed internet is the backbone of any hotel offering technology amenities and services. Since the modern traveler carries multiple smart devices when traveling, the absence of HSIA can lead to a dissatisfied guest. 

Due to its grave importance, high-speed internet access must be constantly monitored and supported by proficient personnel. Most hotel owners consider outsourcing the HSIA support function for their assets to more capable hotel technology providers. 

As a core service in the modern hotel offering, guests will not tolerate any inconveniences with their overall experience. It is usually recommended to either have a 24/7 support engineer in the hotel, or, contract a hotel technology company with 24-hour I.T. support. 

AHT Inc. has offered world-class high-speed internet access support and maintenance to some of the largest hotel groups in the USA. Our managed HSIA support and onsite maintenance teams are available for help 24 hours a day, so your guests can enjoy a delightful hospitality experience.  

Eliminate Downtimes to a Minimal 

Downtimes are the death of the hotel guest experience. 

Not only do hotels need to keep these events to a minimum, but also plan for unexpected contingencies. This process usually begins with a technology support & maintenance policy, which must later be turned into an action plan. 

Imagine having guests in the lobby lining up with both your front desk and automated kiosks crowded with tired travelers ready to check-in. A simple backend error in the registration system can ruin the entire experience.  

Routine maintenance identifies chances of failure, allowing the engineer to identify the hotel that systems need upgrades, replacements, or complete renovations. A managed hospitality technology company will also ensure that you have a plan B in place to revert to in case of a considerable issue.     

Blessed with a team of highly proficient engineers, AHT Inc. delivers breakthrough planning and future-proofing so your hotel technology keeps performing. Our brilliant project management and technology management teams collaborate to develop the ideal maintenance & support strategy that your unique hotel needs.  

Predictive Maintenance 

Being proactive pays off! 

A reactive approach to technology support and maintenance is not recommended at all. Irrespective of hotel type and size, there must be a plan in place to ensure that all technology systems are under observations, routinely health checked, and remain functional. 

AHT Inc.’s brilliant remote monitoring systems ensure your hotel technology infrastructure is cared for. Our experienced engineers constantly check your systems to suggest updates and renovations, ensuring you are aware of obsolete tech in your inventory.   

Following our vision of delivering sustainable proven value, we ensure your hotel technology is compliant, your maintenance plans are in place, support is provided for and you never have to come to us for advice. AHT’s White Glove Sevices ensure hotel owners get the same elite treatment they deliver to their guests.  

To learn more about cutting edge property management system integrations connect with us today to discuss your hotel’s unique support needs.  


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