6 Essential Steps for Successful Hotel Reopening & Operations Amid COVID19

The US economy is slowly easing off the lockdowns with hotels now reopening for guests in all 50 states. While businesses have been given the go-ahead to reopen, there are multiple SOPs that they must conform to while they operate. 

In their latest training modules, the AHLEI (American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute) identifies six important factors to ensure safe and compliant operations in hotels even as COVID19 infection remains. The AHLEI’s course is primarily designed to address Employee and guest health, Employee responsibilities, Cleaning procedures, and Physical distancing. 

6 Essential Steps For Successful Hotel Operations During COVID19 

In a previous safety guide, the AHLA (American Hotel and Lodging Association) established cleanliness and hygiene guidelines, that you can access here. In their latest training, which also certifies hotels for safe operations, the AHLA establish the following factors: 

COVID19 Overview 

The training begins with a comprehensive overview of the coronavirus, its symptoms, and how it’s transmitted to others. This essential step prepares staff and makes them vigilant about dangerous situations that can lead to infections.  

Health Reporting 

Health reporting may just be the single most important step to ensure the health of staff ensuring their well being when they are on the property. Monitoring health through wearables, reporting health conditions, and maintaining health reports can prevent events at hotels. 

Actions to Stay Safer 

Reinforcing actions to stay safe in hotels especially when other people are nearby is a step already established by the WHO, CDC, and the AHLA. These actions usually displayed through signage includes hand washing guidelines, use of masks, and the importance of both during the COVID19 pandemic. 

Disinfecting Procedures 

A significant part of staff tasks would indeed be sterilizing and preparing rooms for the next guest, once a guest has left. AHLA training prepares staff to both understand and demonstrate ways to keep guests safer. Cleaning & disinfection procedures necessary to maintain a safe environment both in the front and back of hotels. 

Room Recovery 

One step that all hotel staff including housekeeping should be prepared for is room recovery. In the case of the worst, when a patient is diagnosed with the coronavirus, the staff should know the procedures to recover the room. 

From stringent guidelines to installing the right technology to assist with the process, AHLA training establishes all necessary training needed to prepare staff for such events. 

Physical Distancing 

Ensuring staff understand and encourage physical distancing to minimize transmission to others is simply crucial for hotels. Having proper signage to reinforce the message, and strict adherence by staff can ensure that hotels can operate safely even with COVID19 active. 


For more information about the AHLA COVID19 training visit the AHLEI website

As hotels reopen we like the AHLA are persevering to provide hotels with all the essential information, services, and technology to counter COVID19. Our highly efficient team of engineers and technology managers stand in the face of the COVID19 challenge delivering undeterred services to hotel owners. 

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