Technology Trends: The Importance of hotel technology in a Post Covid-19 World

Almost a month ago different US states began to ease off the imposed COVID19 lockdowns. New York began easing its lockdown moving towards a new normal as infections went down, but alarming news came from across other states that have indicated increasing cases. The World Economic Forum brings hospitality businesses some much needed good news reporting that restaurants are finally opening up post-COVID19. 

As we transition into this new normal, knowing that businesses will eventually open up and we humans will eventually adapt to the COVID19 virus. Hospitality businesses in the US are slowly opening up with restrictions and subject to following SOPs. 

Technology was being touted to be the next game-changer in hospitality. Technology management companies had already begun to invest in A.I. concepts, technology security frameworks, and robotics for hotels. Hotels will now slowly accept the “people-less” experience where much will be delegated to technology applications. 

Social distancing has already called for halt to restaurants and hotels in delivering the human experience. Robotics and self-service kiosks will be the prevailing go-to solution for hotel owners with popular franchises like the Marriot Group, Hilton Hotels, Sheraton, etc. already using robots at the concierge desk, for room service, and for luggage delivery. 

Hoteliers will also have to breed a culture of social distancing, increasing their need for more meetings and interactions through technology. Remote work and virtual meetings will lead the way for hoteliers to constantly engage with their team and stay connected. Staff will also need the relevant training to ensure all COVID19 SOPs are implemented when guests are at the property. 

One aspect of hospitality that will not be new to hoteliers is sterilization and cleanliness. As guests become more cautious of room cleanliness and safety hazards, hotels will need to revisit their sterilization standards. The Westin Medical Center Hotel deployed its newest staff members, two LightStrike Germ-Zapping Robots:

In a time when you can’t even predict when people will travel, revenue management will require informed insights and real-time numbers. Being the information age, the hotel revenue manager will turn towards technology for an answer. 

This type of revenue management will require a completely new generation solution from hospitality technology providers & vendors. Since we are here, this is where A.I. will help hoteliers and revenue managers make more informed predictive analyses. 

Marriott Hotels already carry strategic data analysts and scientists in their rosters to make more strategic room pricing decisions. AltexSoft mention in their very informative article:

“Data science allows hotels to predict demand and patterns of customer behavior more accurately. That’s why global chains such as Marriott International and AccorHotels have data scientists and analysts on board. These specialists develop and deploy pricing models using data about hotels and their competitors.”

Mobile apps have already been termed the central smart room access solution for the near future. Bluetooth locks in hotel doors that can only be opened with the guests’ personal phones are going to be a prevailing post-COVID19 trend. This way the guest touches nothing but their own phone to unlock their door, control room temperature, and access entertainment on their TV. 

Lastly, a major component of the transition towards a more technology-assisted hospitality experience, hotel technology management providers will be essential. These professional managers are certified to manage hotel technology systems, their maintenance, and compliance among other things. 

One of the most important aspects of the hotel technology manager’s job is to manage the cyber-liability of hotels. This ensures that the hotel and all its staff are secured from any liabilities arising from technology. It is also important to note that the hotel technology manager also ensures that the guest technology experience is seamless & memorable. 


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Wishing all our readers the best of health and our highest gratitude to all the medical personnel fighting coronavirus infection across the world. Until next time, see you again soon.