PCI Council Extends Expiration Date for PTS POI v.3 Devices

An official PCI Council press release confirmed the extension of expiration date for PTS POI v.3 devices. 

The council decreed that ‘due to supply-chain disruptions related to the coronavirus, the PCI Council has extended the expiration date of PIN Transaction Security Point-of-Interaction (PTS POI) v3 devices from 30 April 2020 to 30 April 2021.’

The PCI Council also encouraged countries not affected by COVID19 to deploy “next-generation” payment devices, those certified for PTS POI v4 or v5, and migrating to POI v6 devices when the standard is released later this year. The PCI Council, after consulting industry stakeholders, also identified that coronavirus control measures will affect the planned rollout of POI v3 devices.

The PCI Council recognizing that older POI devices may be vulnerable to withstand certain breaches & attacks, they did not however believe that this limited one-year extension of the approval expiry date for POI v3 devices will materially impact that risk.

The PCI Standards Security Council advised merchants, financial institutions, vendors and other users of PTS POI v3 devices, specifically v3 PEDs (PIN entry devices), non-PEDs, EPPs (encrypting PIN pads), UPTs (unattended payment terminal), and SCRs (Secure Card Readers) to contact their device vendors to upgrade existing hardware to recently approved models to use as replacements and in new deployments.

On 30 April 2021 the PCI Standards Security Council will remove all the affected devices from the approved POI devices list on the official website and will also be announced through a press release.