The Role of Technical Support In Hotels & Resorts During the Holiday Season

The holiday season officially kicked off in the US with the Thanksgiving holiday, and the good news is that travel has finally begun across the country. Hotels and resorts will be preparing to host an influx of guests as families, leisure travelers, and single adventurers stranded by the pandemic for over a year. 

As more technology is integrated into hotels and resorts to ensure social distancing and health safety, hospitality providers should prioritize technical support during the holiday season. The enhanced use of robotics, AI, Bluetooth, Mobile Apps, and other digital services are now becoming the ruling standard for almost all sizes of hospitality businesses.  

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With close to 50 million people expected to travel across the United States during the holiday season, hospitality businesses will be able to field-test their new guest technology experience. Added uses of mobility tools, robots, and smart digital tech is now appearing more and more, especially in hotels. 

We have already discussed the benefits of onsite and offsite technical support for hotels in our earlier blogs

Technical support will play a very important role during the holiday season as hotels and resorts prepare for business. The daily maintenance and monitoring of guest technology itself is no job for a concierge. Maintaining consistent service through guest technology systems is a professionally managed function. 

Due to their 24 hour nature of service, hotels and resorts require constant monitoring of guest technologies. With added responsibilities of health safety and data management, hospitality providers need support engineers on retainer to keep their assets operational. 

A hospitality technology management provider is usually the ideal choice when it comes to technical support. Hotel technology management companies offer a number of benefits for hotels and resorts considering current circumstances and added support needs. 

Professionally managed support engineers are highly proficient at tackling multiple issues while costing the hotel owner nothing but their time. Increased technology services in hotels and resorts require constant monitoring to ensure all systems are consistent with brand standards. 

One of the most important elements of any hotel is its internet infrastructure and security. This particular service requires constant support to ensure every guest receives the same premium experience. The internet is the core service that enables all other guest technologies to work in synergy. 

Consider the internet going offline in a Marriott hotel, it would be “sheer madness” at the property. Imagine the Hilton mobile app not synchronizing with the hotel servers, that would be “operational suicide.”  

A technical support engineer is therefore a central element of the entire hotel technology system. The maintenance of multiple technologies and the ability to make their work consistently is a core responsibility of a hospitality tech support engineer. 

The back-office staff has already been sent into quarantine with most working from home. Support technicians are also essential to monitor the performance of property management and revenue management systems, especially when staff is remotely accessing hotel resources. 

Cybersecurity remains one of the most critical debates in hospitality, with system compliance and security top concerns for hoteliers. Managed technical support plays a significant role in maintaining the reliability and security of hotel technology systems. A professional support engineer is essential to routinely monitor changes, maintain, and identify vulnerabilities, especially during the busy holiday season. 


As travel begins in the US, we will be monitoring trends and insights to help us determine the next phase in hospitality. For more interesting reads remember to visit us again. Until next time, see you again soon.