Remote Support Has Some Great Benefits Especially for Hospitality Businesses

The hospitality industry is highly diversified today with a variety of services including hotels & lodging, travel & tourism, health & fitness, hospitals, spas, event management and recreation businesses all falling under its umbrella. 

The COVID19 scare has severely affected the hospitality industry in the US with massive economic implications looming on the horizon. As employees turn to remote work the need for remote support & management becomes even more essential for hospitality businesses. 

Remote support as we have mentioned in countless articles earlier is an essential part of the information technology foundations of any business today. Either outsourced or handled by a dedicated staff member, remote support is essential to manage the integrity of hotel technology systems. 

3 Reasons Remote Technology Support is Critical for Hospitality Businesses 

Saddening news of lockdowns and austerity across the US hospitality industry is of great concern, however there are aspects that hoteliers must be proactive to address. While there are more than three factors to debate, hotel management & owners must prioritize the delivery of remote support for three critical reasons. 

Security of Remote Workers & Networks 

Even with the lockdown in effect hospitality workers are completing necessary business tasks remotely using a variety of tools including Skype, WhatsApp, and other conferencing tools. Although there is great convenience in using these tools, they remain vulnerable for critical documents and business information transfers.

Managing the security of remote networks is just as important as securing workers within a hotel network. Any business encouraging remote work should therefore also improvise their communications & cybersecurity policies strategies.

The COVID19 threat has also increased chances of cyberattacks on remote workers. Since these hospitality professionals are now connected to less secure home networks, the probability & number of cyberthreats have also increased. 

Remote technology support is a simple way to keep your network security in check and your entire remote staff network under the supervision of a professional engineer. 

Maintenance of Technology Systems 

Especially in the case of hospitality businesses with remote workers, the maintenance and management of databases, data warehouses and contingency systems becomes even more critical. 

Not only are technology systems active but being accessed by staff from remote locations. This increases the responsibility of hoteliers to enhance security and ensure the reliability of active hotel technology systems. 

Remote support is a great way to assist on site hotel staff to easily service systems with the assistance of an expert. Maybe it be maintenance, the communication systems, the remote work software, security or a breach remote support engineers can quickly respond to issues. 


Austerity will be a great concern for hospitality businesses over the next 12 months. Cutting down costs will be the first priority of business owners and revenue managers. Remote support is a brilliant low cost alternative for on-site or freelance engineers. 

Remote support engineers are solely the responsibility of technology management providers and they are equipped with their own hardware. The only thing to keep in check is an effective & reliable communication system for access to remote support.

At AHT Inc. we have assisted hospitality companies for over 20 years. Our exclusive remote support services have powered the success of several hotel franchises including Marriott, IHG, Choice Hotels, and many others. 


With the COVID19 scare affecting every aspect of life, we wish the best of health to everyone out there. Our special thanks to all the doctors & medical staff serving the global community, you guys are heroes! 

Stay tuned for more interesting reads and solutions during the COVID19 pandemic, until next time see you again soon.