4 Things to Be Prepared for When Building a New Hotel

Building a new hotel can be both an invigorating and febrile experience even for the most experienced hotel owner. As brand standards and technology evolve every franchise and even single unit hotel owners are willing to upgrade the property infrastructure to conform with guest demands.

Some of the most popular upgrades to hotels include their technology footprints and integrations that provide guests added comfort and greater satisfaction. This can include WIFI access points, cabling, enhanced bandwidth, electronic locks, green appliances, smart room integrations and much more.

Irrespective of a branded franchise or a single unit hotel certain decision need to be made carefully to ensure both long-term and immediate success in the hotel new build process. Here are 5 things you should consider when building a new hotel.

Technology Planning & Design

Many hotel owners in the US simply ignore the importance of technology planning and infrastructure design. While it is great to get ideas & perspectives from the project manager and architects, here is where you need the services of a ‘general contractor of technology.’

A recent addition to the hotel new build process, the general contractor of technology goes beyond project management to establish the right foundations for your new hotel build. The general contractor of technology collaborates with your architects, project managers, engineers, vendors, and construction teams to ensure your new hotel has a sound technology foundation and design.

Future Proof Infrastructure Design

Apart from technology planning, your new hotel should address the future, or more precisely, should be future-proof. An infrastructure built for growth and evolving hospitality tech trends. In a constantly evolving industry landscape where consumer demands grow with tech advancements, it is essential to keep hotels compliant & ready to integrate future services.    

A technology management partner can assist you with prevailing technology trends, essential services, and future needs to ensure your hotel infrastructure is built to delight guests. Everything from floor planning, technology integration, and room designs must conform with the required core design that appeals to guests.

Vendor Management

Vendor management remains one of the most hectic tasks for any hotel owner when building a new hotel. Hiring, collaborating with, paying, and releasing vendors are all essential for the timely success of any new hotel builds.

Vendors can be a headache for hotel owners since they rarely cooperate with each other, and have variable issues during the planning and construction phases. Collaborating with vendors to resolve issues, disburse payments, cooperate with other suppliers, finish contracts, etc. is essential to keep your new hotel build on track without time losses.

This is where a managed technology partner can help you succeed with your hotel new build. A hotel technology management partner will provide you with dedicated resources like project managers, General Contractors of technology, support personnel, vendors, and suppliers to conform with your franchise standards.

Completion Times

Time losses are part of any hotel new build process. They must be accounted for and minimized with proactive contingency planning. This is another area where the general contractor of hotel technology will assist you to achieve economies of scale.

Vendor collaboration, supplier quotes, and construction hold-ups can all lead to significant time losses, and hence, financial loses for the hotel owner. A technology management partner will maintain strict oversight of the entire project to keep time losses at a minimum.


The above-listed factors are just a few of the most important ones that hotel owners should be ready to address in new hotel build projects. A modern hotel requires much more including compliant hardware, room for redesign & upgrades, a sustainable eco-infrastructure, clever network planning, and several other factors to ensure its success.

Talk to one of our brilliant hotel technology consultants to address your new hotel build project management & technology planning requirements. As one of the oldest & premier hospitality technology companies in the USA, Advanced Hospitality Technologies has served world-class brands including Marriot, Sheraton, Hilton, and Wyndham hotel groups.