Technology Management & Automation in Resorts: Moving Ahead with COVID19

The implications of COVID19 lockdowns are now showing their adverse impacts on the travel and lodging sectors. Hospitality was already undergoing a massive technology transformation before the pandemic hit, and it seems it will continue at an unprecedented rate now.

Resorts & Country Clubs were the first to realize the impact COVID19 could have on business, hence they were the first to shut down operations. As lockdowns begin to ease and businesses look ahead to re-opening, resort & country club owners will immediately look towards technology & automation.

The Guest Experience  

The first step for resorts & country clubs will be to ensure they deliver the same seamless guest experience they did before the pandemic hit.  The technology guest experience will define the guest satisfaction ratings in the foreseeable future. 

Technology will be required to take over several services across properties to ensure guests are left mesmerized. Resorts & country clubs will have to completely reevaluate the guest experience to address communication, room service, housekeeping, social distancing, sterilization, dining, and other critical aspects to assure guest trust. 

The first of these guest experience technologies will definitely have to be intuitive mobile apps. A range of services including self-check-in, mobile room keys, amenity bookings, ordering room service, and housekeeping can be integrated into these apps. One crucial feature of the mobile app is to keep the guest connected with hotel staff at all times.  

Building the ideal technology stack is no walk in the park either. This is where professional “hospitality technology management” will be the ideal choice for resort and country club owners. A certified expert can ideally conduct technology GAP analyses, offer recommendations for renovations, and provide proactive technology management advice. 

Assuring Efficiency & Premium Service Quality

One thing most resort & country club owners will be looking for at this time is significant efficiency and the same premium service that they delivered with staff. Now with massive lay-offs, hotel technology stacks will have to assure efficiency and superior service delivery. 

The great aspect here is that technology has already shown great promise in hotels, resorts, and country clubs. Technology integrations allow hotels to develop multiple efficient processes including energy savings, staff prioritization, plastic waste minimization, and several others.

The first efficiency that resorts & country clubs will notice immediately is less crowded lobbies through online bookings and self-check-in technology. This is later complemented by the introduction of Bluetooth & wireless room keys, that allow safer onboarding altogether.

Having your guests always connected to the front desk through apps will also ensure that staff is in the know. Staff can prioritize their tasks in accordance, ensuring they are available as soon as guests requests assistance. 

Robots are completely changing the way hotels, resorts, and country clubs deliver room service, luggage delivery, and concierge assistance. Connie at Hilton Hotels, Botlr in Aloft hotels, Xenex Germ Bots at the Westin Houston, and other robot integrations are making life easier for both staff and guests.

Guest Technology Experience Management 

Managing the technology experience of every single guest will be the defining factor for resorts & country clubs that pride themselves on their premium services. Managing all technology touchpoints, privacy, security, and liabilities of the process is essential to ensure a premier resort experience

Professional hospitality technology management allows asset owners to pinpoint gaps in the technology stacks. These certified experts offer assistance with walkthrough assessments, technology health reports, upgrades & renovations, vendor management, and tech support. 


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