Hotel Technology Partnering: How Hotel Technology Can Help Hotelier to Attract New Guests?

Technology is offering hotel owners the opportunity to deliver outstanding guest experiences across the world. From operations management to marketing, hotel owners are rapidly migrating towards technology solutions that enhance profitability and the guest technology experience. 

California is a popular tourist destination and attracts travelers from around the world. Hotels, resorts, and hostels remain some of the most popular businesses in the Golden State. The real upward trend for California hotels began at the dawn of 2018. BisNow reported in June 2018, that not only did hotel “new build” construction increase but also renovations went up even with construction costs rising. 

Managing multiple technologies to deliver an undeterred quality of service is a strategic skill, and difficult for hotel owners to manage on their own. Hotel technology providers are now becoming an essential asset for both branded franchises and stand-alone hotels. These experienced technology partners offer cutting-edge hospitality insights and the ideal technologies to attract modern age tourists. 

Today we discuss why exactly a technology partner is good for hotel businesses and their customers. 

Why a Technology Partner is Great for Hotel Business 

Before we move on to how technology makes life amazing for guests at hotels, let’s take a look at how tech makes life simpler for hotels. 

Hotels can achieve significant competitive advantages from technology renovations and upgrades. A large number of hotel owners in California still operate their properties with legacy hardware and software. There is nothing wrong with carrying legacy hotel systems, but, “when you do things like you have done before, you get the same results you have gotten before.” 

The millennial traveler now constitutes 70% of global traveler numbers. The modern age traveler not only demands higher levels of service, but also a more technology-enhanced experience at hotels & resorts. 

Hotel technology partners are an excellent source of latest travel & tourism insights, complemented by their brilliant grasp on technology and its applications in hospitality. A technology partner can carefully analyze and recommend the ideal mix of technology that your guests will love. 

Technology partners for California hotels are essential due to a more culturally and ethnically diverse tourist base. Understanding the technology demands of this vast global audience requires a careful understanding of global technology trends, hospitality breakthroughs, professional insights, and experience. 

New Builds & Renovations 

Hospitality technology providers are essential for hotel owners investing in new properties. A hotel new build involves more than building a structure, and filling it up with furniture & TV screens.

A technology partner can readily assist you throughout the new build process. As a hotel owner, you can concentrate on the operational areas while your hotel technology partner manages the micro aspects of the new build. 

Requesting quotes from vendors, procurement, collaborating with constructions teams, project management, last-minute design changes, payouts, contract cancellations, etc. all requires a dedicated professional’s expertise. A technology partner is especially useful when meeting with suppliers & vendors. This stage requires careful collaboration and monitoring to ensure a highly sophisticated hotel build.  

Even in the case of technology renovations, a technology partner can play a major role in identifying gaps and how to fill them. A hotel technology provider will strategically analyze and then present required upgrades in meaningful reports so you can decide between different technology settings.    

A technology partner, therefore, ensures that your guests receive the best experience and amenities when the hotel opens its doors. Guests can readily use business centers, signage services, internet services, mobile apps, tablet-controlled rooms, etc. instantly.    

Support & Maintenance

Hospitality technology providers are even more critically important for hotels once all guest technologies are integrated and the hotel is open for guests. This is the real-time preview of technology, it requires hands-on monitoring and unwavering support from experts.  

A technology partner can easily outsource technical support to ensure your hotel operates in optimal conditions. Imagine sorting out internet downtimes in a matter of minutes or recovering your guest data after a cyber-attack, without even involving a single member of staff. 

On-site support is one of the biggest benefits of having a technology partner in California. Since hotels are 24-hour businesses, issues with technology systems cannot be predicted unless monitored in real time. While carrying an on-site staff technician can be costly, an outsourced technician is proven to offer affordability and better skill. 

Hotel technology partners today also offer what are popularly known as White Glove Services. These providers offer exclusive features like real-time technology monitoring, 24/7 remote & on-site support, routine I.T. maintenance, enhanced brand visibility, and emergency response teams to ensure unparallel service delivery at your hotel.    

By assuring you control over all necessary customer-centric technologies, a technology partner can then deliver superior support to your guests. Issues like malfunctioning apps, internet downtimes, smart room issues, and flawed room keys can be resolved without disturbing the in house staff. 

Compliance & Security 

Another important area of concern for most hotels is routine compliance and infrastructure security. 

In terms of asset security, a technology provider can certainly suggest several modes of action including cyber threat detection, firewalls, 2-factor authentication, data access policies, on-site administration among many others. 

In the hotel business, vast technology applications also require relevant security apparatuses. Prevailing data laws & privacy legislation demands businesses who store user data to maintain effective security measures to secure this data. 

Similarly, it is the responsibility of hotels to keep their guests and staff protected from hacks or data breaches. Administering a firewall, local I.T. security, data access & authorizations, staff training, and emergency back-ups are all popular ways hotel technology providers keep their assets secure.  

When it comes to compliance hotel owners sometimes make the big mistake of implementing all available hotel technology available to them, even if they never offer it for guests. A hotel technology partner will strategically evaluate your guest behavior, preferences, service demands, and other metrics to determine which technologies will be ideal for your guests. 

Compliance is essential to maintain the integrity of a hotel’s services and to ensure unhindered back-office & front desk operations. Upgrading PMS software, integrating cloud solutions, updating property hardware, staff training, subscribing to security software, etc. all requires routine checks to ensure your asset is performing in ideal conditions. 

Enhanced security and technology compliance is highly beneficial for hotel guests. They can be confident that their personal and financial data is secured over hotel servers. Guests will definitely have a great time experiencing cutting edge hospitality services, but will also have peace of mind that their devices and personal data are also secured.      


Hotel technology partners are an essential element of every hotel business today. As the dependence on technology grows, these providers will play a more central role in strategy and decision making in hotels, experts believe.  

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