Hotel Technology: Finding the Perfect Fit

Picture depicting hotel tech stack

While managing a hotel has never been an easy task, with the technologies available today it is much less daunting. New technological products offer a solution for almost every problem that a hotelier can face. From optimizing the hotel operations to an impeccable guest experience, technology has got our backs. The hospitality industry survived the pandemic and powered through those times due to help from technology and as the industry is suffering from staff shortages currently, many hoteliers are looking for tech-based solutions to handle this problem.

However, this abundance of available technology solutions raises a very difficult question for the hotel operators. What is the right technology for their hotels? This question is critical due to the fact that wrong implementation of technology can not only be a waste of time and money for the hoteliers but can also be a source of further problems.

Following are some of the factors that hoteliers must consider when deciding which technology to choose for their hotels:

Property Size & Complexity of Operations:

The size of the hotel play a very important role in the selection of tech stack. Smaller hotels may not require very complex or sophisticated technology infrastructure, some very simple technology solutions can be ample enough to sustain hotel operations. While the bigger hotels may require more sophisticated tech stacks to operate on the required level of efficiency. Hoteliers need to think clearly about what exactly the requirement of their properties is considering the size of the hotel, the number of rooms and guest volume.

The complexity and scale of operations is another very important factor that comes into play. If the property offers a wide range of services like convention centers, spa services, multiple restaurants, and recreational activities it will need a much-advanced tech stack to cater to that level of operations and services. However, if the operation of a hotel is pretty straightforward like accommodation only then simple tech stack will suffice regardless the size of property.

Agility and Scalability of Tech Stack:

While implementing a technology infrastructure it is essential to not only consider the present but also the future. Hoteliers must consider the future growth and expansion of their operations. If this is not considered hoteliers may need to overhaul their tech stack again which can cause a lot of financial and operational stress. Hotel operators must ensure that the tech they are implementing is future proof and can sustain the operations of not only today but also tomorrow.

Cloud Vs On-Premises Tech:

On premises servers can be a challenge to install and maintain as they are costly and can be difficult to troubleshoot if facing an issue. This can be avoided with modern cloud-based products. They are easily deployable, and these systems can be maintained and accessed from anywhere in the world. Cloud-based software solutions provide ease of access and are generally hassle-free and most suited for simple and smaller operations.

Integration Capabilities:

The products that the hoteliers are deploying must be able to communicate seamlessly with other parts of the tech stack. For example, every component of the tech stack must easily be able to integrate with the Property Management System (PMS). If the components of the stack are not able to properly integrate and communicate then it defeats the purpose of deploying technology.

Usability & User Friendliness:

Ease of access, usability and user friendliness of the product must be important factors in considering the right technology for the hotel. The staff working with those technologies must be able to understand that piece of technology with ease without too much extensive training. A feature-rich platform that is difficult to navigate and requires constant training to be worked upon is not ideal in any scenario.


And finally, the most critical factor in considering any technology is its security. Any technology is only desirable if it is able to provide a secure environment for the guest data handling and processing. If a technology is not able to detect and provide unauthorized access, then it is not only undesirable but also a threat to whole technology infrastructure.


Selecting the perfect technology for the hotel may seem like a very complex and tedious process but considering these elements, hoteliers can make this a lot simpler. The key is in having the idea of the requirements of the property and operations. Making the right choice can provide the operators with ease and peace of mind for many years.