Hotels & Resorts Are Speeding Up Adoption Of Technology As Covid19 Safety Threats Loom

The complex threats posed by COVID19 speeding up the adoption of technology in hotels, resorts, country clubs, spas, and even hospitals. The consequences posed by COVID19 are so alarming that hospitality providers have to completely rethink their service design to assure health safety at every guest touchpoint. 

Social distancing is already quickening the pace of technology integration in the hospitality industry with primarily contactless tech and robots. Hotels and resorts are actively pursuing data driven hospitality solutions to identify potential markets while racing out directly to their customers through digital platforms. 

Hospitality was by far the slowest industry to integrate innovative technology. Today, there is a critical need for technology to ensure operational and guest service goals are met. The adoption of back office, security systems, display, and guest room technology has simply become essential for hotels.   

Hospitality consultant John Kennedy lists some brilliant benefits of technology for modern hospitality providers:

  • Guests are more likely to recommend hotels that are up-to-date if they integrate into the guest stay experience using modern interactive devices.
  • Customers trust that a hotel operator will protect their personal data and keep information secure away from unauthorised access.
  • Sustainability using technology to save energy saves money and makes friends.
  • Marketing automation and CRM enables sales and marketing to grow a business by triggering actions based on business intelligence.
  • Using automation for some administrative purposes can save time so that operators can focus on what they do best, being hospitable and raising guest satisfaction.

Guest safety being the priority for hoteliers, contactless technology has become the standard for US hospitality providers. The use of mobile room keys, voice assistants, and bluetooth technology is now becoming a common occurrence in Marriot, Hilton, Sheraton, and several other hotel franchises. 

The Westing Houston Medical Center Hotel deployed UV sterilization robots to assist their staff to clean rooms and public areas safely. Similarly, the Tetherow Resorts franchise integrated a leading edge mobile key solution to assure guest safety. 

Cybersecurity and data protection should be a high priority for any hospitality provider. Increasing threat alerts from the FBI have identified threats like MageCart and other phishing scams criminals are using for cyber financial crimes. 

Compliant hotel technology and payment systems are a need of the digital age. This also includes highly trained & informed staff members ready to handle zero day threats. Data protection is usually covered by the guidelines provided by the PCI Compliance rules and those dictated in the ITIL frameworks.   

Energy conservation is also becoming a popular way for hotels to attract new guests and grow revenue. Technology provides multiple avenues for hoteliers to reduce waste and be more friendly to their environment. This includes controlling plastic waste, using alternative energy, controlling water wastage, and composting food waste. 

Data driven decision making allows hoteliers to identify potential market segments, reduce costs, redesign their service strategy, and accurately price room rates. Digital platforms & business intelligence tools provide hoteliers the opportunity to connect with travelers directly instead of using OTAs. 

Back office technology is a crucial element in modern hotels and resorts. Having a secure, reliable and efficient I.T. infrastructure in the backbone of superb service. Technology is assisting hoteliers with a variety of functions including revenue, inventory, staff, and energy management. 


As the threat of COVID19 infection looms, hoteliers will increasingly invest in technology solutions for the safety of guests in hotels. With its many benefits for hoteliers, guests, and staff there is no doubt that technology will drive hospitality business in coming years. 

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