Top 3 Ways How Mobile Technology Benefits Hotel Businesses

No matter how big or small, every hospitality business dwells into mobility technologies to optimize operations and reach new potential guests. For instance, Marriott International is using chatbots and artificial intelligence for real-time guest engagement. In addition, the Marriott mobile app has made leaps and bounds since its release in 2017. The intuitive mobile app provides some great features that include:

  • Mobile bookings & reservations
  • Mobile check-in & check-out
  • Mobile Room Key
  • 24 Hour mobile requests

While mobile technology is still in its adolescence in the hotel industry, like the Marriott group several others including Hilton Hotels and Hyatt Hotels are also rolling out fully functional mobile apps to stay connected with their guests.

Integrating mobile technologies with hotels can bring great efficiencies, improve guest satisfaction, and simplify operations in the hospitality industry. Let’s look at the 5 most popular ways mobility can transform hotels.

Engage Your Guests … Forever

Like all other industries, an intuitive mobile app is the starting point for hotel businesses. An optimized mobile app is a direct connection between guests and the hotel. From booking to checkout, a mobile app can help elevate guest experiences. The hotel can deliver personalized experiences to every guest and stay connected to them even when they have left.

Using mobile technology can be extremely beneficial for guests who have traveled on long flights and simply need to check in to the hotel with their booking already made. The mobile app can then transform into a non-tangible key, with the guest always in control of it.

Once guests have left the hotel the mobile app transforms into a marketing machine delivering interesting insights and special offers to customers. The app is also brilliant for personalization, for instance, wishing birthdays and wishing customers on special occasions like Christmas.

Empowering Staff

Mobility tools are an excellent opportunity for hotel owners to improve staff efficiencies and empower staff to take initiatives on their own. A mobile app synchronized with the hotel PMS can significantly make operations more efficient and staff happier.

Mobile technologies are ideal for staff to quickly access guest requests, bookings, POS bills, room service, housekeeping, and other administrative tasks. Staff can then act on guest requests with high priority, delivering even better guest satisfaction.

Increase Revenue Touchpoints

Mobile can significantly increase hotel revenue using two particular useful technologies. The first of these is using the hotel’s guest app to promote all of the hotel’s amenities including bars, clubs, spas, pool, partnerships with local attractions etc. By simply adding local attractions, local services, or in-house amenities menus hotels can considerably increase revenue from their existing facilities.

Another very crucial mobile tech that can significantly improve hotel revenue is ‘contactless payment technology.’ These include intelligent payment gateways like Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay, Visa Paywave, and MasterCard PayPass. The famous WeChat payment system is readily accepted by hospitality businesses in China, encouraging a vast number of customers to use the app’s contactless payment service.

Business Intelligence & Analytics

As big data becomes the trick of the trade, using real-time customer data insights can be massive to the success of any hotel business. Engagement through mobile tech can provide hotel owners with a goldmine of data to analyze.

When properly analyzed this data can help build lasting relationships with guests, and enhance their loyalty to transform them into advocates of the brand. The ideal way is to integrate the hotel PMS to analyze guest data and then synchronize various systems including loyalty programs, POS, CRM, and other essential guest-centric applications to use this meaningful data.

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