9 Reasons to Upgrade Your Hotel’s Property Management Software to ORACLE’s Opera

The surge of modern technologies and their applications in the hospitality industry demands hotels to have future proof software to manage multiple areas of the business. As far as legacy I.T. software goes it is terribly limited by features like connectivity, multi-property management, access privileges etc.

Opera is one of the most popular property management systems available to hotel owners and is managed by one of the most progressive I.T solution providers on earth. ORACLE. Thanks to Opera’s vast functionality & features it is highly regarded by both hotels and hospitality technology service providers.

Today we take a look at 9 exclusive benefits that Opera offers to hotels & resorts.

A Budget-Friendly Solution

Opera PMS from Oracle is one of the most cost-friendly property management systems in use by hundreds of hotel franchises around the world. Opera’s unique design allows it the versatility to suit different hotel sizes and types, assisting them to deliver remarkable guest experiences.

Opera offers 55 Oracle hospitality in-app functions to support your staff and your business attain maximum efficiency at excellent prices.

Increase Hotel Efficiencies

Oracle OPERA PMS is a highly versatile hospitality management solution allowing you to integrate several Oracle add-ons and 3rd party systems for ‘operational efficiency’. Opera reduces the need for manual oversight, allowing resources to be allocated for other tasks while they are connected to the PMS through mobile devices.

Opera integrates apps including those for event management, loyalty programs, revenue optimization, and many others to ensure your hotel operates at peak efficiency. Opera PMS is designed to create & operate a secure & integrated tech infrastructure to manage your hotel more efficiently.

Imagine having a dedicated app managing bookings, cancellations, catering, service delivery, decor, beverages, and other aspects of events. Your staff can then be allocated to other areas of the hotel while Opera PMS delivers the basics through its intuitive interface.

Superior Guest Satisfaction

Delight all your guests by delivering them a personalized & customized experience. Opera remembers their preferences and syncs their activities, making them available when guests return to the hotel. Opera also offers integration with loyalty & rewards applications to surprise your guests with special offers.

Revenue Optimization

Opera provides your hotel with ready rate management apps to suit the rapidly changing hospitality environment. Opera assists with management of negotiated business rates and billing for longer stays, allowing you to adopt rates to suit seasons, industry trends, and guests.

With simplified rate management hotels also get tools for data cleansing, extensive standard reports and KPIs, and tools for ad-hoc queries, custom views, and reports. Opera PMS also helps hotel staff customize rates for customers while making cross-sell & up-sell opportunities available to maximize revenue.

Housekeeping Efficiency

Opera PMS offers a brilliant selection of room management features for your staff. From room supervision to housekeeping, your staff is in complete control of the guest experience ensuring efficient service delivery.

Management can effectively manage staff for peak hours, address emergency requests, and minimize time losses. Staff members have updated information synchronized across all Opera functions to save time and identify areas that need immediate service.

Mobile Integration

Mobile technologies have significantly changed the way business interact and reach out to their customers. Opera now also offers cutting edge mobile integration, to deliver the same superior features to mobile devices.

Modern hotels are automating several aspects including front desk management, staff management, guest queue management, housekeeping, room technology & more through tablet devices. Mobile integration is not just a fancy feature, but also one of the top pre-requisites to attract more guests to your hotel.

Customers can book amenities like spa, use their phone as a room key, register complaints make bookings etc. over mobile apps with information being updated in real time over hotel information systems.  

Information Security & PCI Compliance

Oracle enhances Opera PMS with built-in security and PCI compliance features hotel owners won’t find in other property management systems. PCI compliance itself requires complex and lengthy audits to achieve.

Opera provides proactive payment compliance, saving hotels time & costs to protect their guests’ information. The built-in security monitor identifies areas with vulnerabilities and security risks to quickly inform the management of looming threats.

Staff Empowerment

Opera PMS empowers your staff with all necessary & updated information to deliver superior guest experiences. Thanks to Opera’s vast applications in hospitality, staff are usually familiar with the interface and its usage. Staff can then spend time on delivering outstanding service instead of training over Opera PMS modules.

Opera PMS provides staff with synchronized guest information & activity to ensure they can take initiatives where necessary. Accurate and timely information allows hotel staff to deliver speedy service, and resolve issues on high priority. As we mentioned in a previous article, not involving staff in technology updates in the hotel is a major mistake new hotel owners make.

Multi-Channel Distribution Strategies

Hotels that utilize multiple channels for guest bookings including online tour agents, global distribution systems for business, websites etc. will love the automated distribution strategy functions in Oracle’s Opera PMS. This bold feature enhances efficiency cutting down on time losses and saves very crucial budget money that can be allocated elsewhere.

The Advanced Hospitality Experience

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