What Are The Advantages of Having Managed I.T. Support for Your Hotel?

Operational efficiency is the highest priority for any hospitality business. However, many hotels are either not ideally equipped or have dedicated technology personnel to encourage operation efficiencies. Large hotel brands usually have well-documented technology policies and invest in a hotel technology company to manage the entire I.T. infrastructure of their assets.

It’s usually the small & medium sized hospitality businesses that are limited by I.T resources, causing them to fall behind when technology efficiencies must be triggered. No matter how large or small a hospitality business is, a managed I.T. support provider is the ideal solution for most hotels.  

Imagine the internet going down at your property or an infectious virus infiltrating your systems, what then? Certain questions come to mind:

  • Is there a remote support engineer available to help?
  • How quickly can an on-site engineer arrive to fix the issue?
  • What cost will you pay for emergency tech support?
  • How bad will this look on your guest satisfaction ratings?

Today we take a look at nine benefits for hospitality businesses of engaging a hotel technology company for managed I.T. support.

6 Top Benefits of Having Managed I.T. Support for Your Hotel

24/7 Remote Support Services

Having an assistant or support engineer available 24 hours is one of the most important factors in determining the operational efficiencies at hotels. A hotel is not a 9-5 business, it requires immediate response to issues like internet outage, lost devices, data breaches, viruses, and other tech issues.

A remote technician can solve up to 70% of the most common hotel technology issues without having to schedule an on-site engineer. At Advanced Hospitality, our world-class managed I.T. support team is at your service 24 hours a day, throughout the year.

Our experienced team is divided into 3 tiers, ensuring your problem is resolved in the shortest lead times. Our first tier support engineers are equipped with all the necessary knowledge & skills to resolve common issues in hotel technologies. Escalations are also handled with the highest priority by 2nd & 3rd tier senior support engineers to ensure speedy resolution of errors.      

Scale & Upgrade

Having a managed technology support provider is very beneficial in the current hospitality industry dynamics. A dedicated support service keeps their eyes on emerging trends, vulnerability reports, and technology changes taking place all over the world. The ability to upgrade your hardware, software, and policies becomes even easier with an expert handling all the tech in one place.

Scaling the need for more support in holiday seasons and less during low-demand seasons also becomes easier. Most hotel technology companies even customize their solution by hotel type & size so it costs less for maintenance, and provides hotels with all the necessary support service that they essentially need.

The Advanced Hospitality Technologies remote support team is one of the best in the world managed by a team of experts with over 2 decades of experience. Our support solutions are available in a complete package of services, or, we can customize our support solutions to ensure you get the essentials to manage your property at the highest efficiency levels.

Rigorous Compliance & Security

Data security, card data security compliance, network monitoring and managing other systemic I.T. risks becomes easier with a managed technology support service. While following the prescribed brand standards, a hotel technology company will also have internal compliance & security standards.

Managing the security of sensitive guest data, hardware compliance, network protection, and I.T. policies are all essentials that a managed support provider dwells into. Your managed tech support will keep your firewall updates, your guest data secure, and ensure your operations are running at peak levels.

At Advanced Hospitality we offer established security & compliance standards to ensure your technology infrastructure is protected and monitored at all times. We ensure your POS systems comply with all PCI benchmarks, in addition to educating your staff with all necessary data management & access guidelines.

Vendor Management

Managing your various tech vendors can be a massive bother for new builds, renovations, and even when going through routine upgrades. Your managed I.T. support will proactively take care of all your vendors. As professionals, your hotel technology company will have the latest knowledge and expertise to secure the best deals from recommended vendors.

A managed technology support partner will take care of internet issues with your broadband provider, hardware vendors, software developers, and even PMS vendors. You can concentrate on improving operational efficiencies, while your hotel tech support service manages all your vendor issues & requirements.

Advanced Hospitality has developed the ‘General Contractor of Technology’ role to support your hotel with comprehensive vendor management. Our experienced CIO’s ensure you never have to consult with or collaborate with multiple vendors. Our support team procures hardware & software, engages with vendors for new builds, deliver & analyze RFPs, and also approach vendors for assistance when there are issues with your hotel’s technology.    

Cost Effective

Carrying a dedicated in-house tech support team will usually have its own costs, while the unpredictable costs of technology will always be there. A managed I.T. support service costs far less since they don’t take up your space, and don’t require additional equipment to manage your tech.

Managed hotel I.T. support providers also have trained staff, so you never have to employ and then train new staff internally, another cost that keeps adding on. Hotel technology companies usually include routine maintenance and 24-hour monitoring in their contracts, ensuring you don’t pay every time there are checkups or issues detected on the property.

Advanced Hospitality has a fully equipped remote support center to ensure we don’t add to your technology budget. Powered by our own hardware and equipment we use our vast experience, lucrative vendor partnerships, and cutting edge technologies to keep your hotel operations cost-effective.

Simplified Business Processes

A managed I.T. support service will simplify business processes by letting you concentrate on daily operations instead of worrying about securing your guest devices. You can pay attention to business strategy while the knowledgeable tech support takes care of everything from server crashes, email, web hosting, data storage & security, network design & maintenance, to more complex technical issues.

At Advanced Hospitality our support team constantly monitors your tech infrastructure while simplifying the design of your network for operational efficiencies. You get access to multiple technology professionals including General Contractors, CIOs, project managers, and security & compliance experts.