Technology Gap Assessments Uncover Missing Links In Hotel Tech Infrastructures

Global growth trends in tourism & leisure are indicating that travelers have the spending power and willingness for unique hospitality experiences. The economic importance of the hospitality industry has significantly gone up thanks to the radical growth of international and business travelers in the USA.   

U.S Traveler Spending Outlook by Deloitte 2019

Deloitte highlights in their 2019 US Travel outlook that both hotels and the U.S. government are actively investing in infrastructure to make the country a competitive global tourism hub. One of these highly needed investments are those made on “ technology infrastructures.”

Understanding the modern guest experience and how technology assists in delivering it, is the place to start. Still, many hotels still carry a number of legacy systems that eventually cause problems. This is where professional technology GAP analyses come in. 

What is a Hotel Technology GAP Assessment

A Technology GAP analysis is a method of evaluating hotels to identify the variations in the performance of in-house I.T. systems and other technology applications. The primary purpose of the technology GAP analysis is to identify if the entire infrastructure is meeting business goals. 

The process answers the critical questions “where we are”, “what do we need to achieve”, and “where we want to go”. Simply put, a technology GAP assessment provides insight into all the technology available, the efficiency & effectiveness of these technologies, and what needs to be done to revamp the technology backbone of the hotel.  

Usually, hotel technology managers will observe all relevant technical touchpoints, policies and best practices. A professional evaluation is conducted by walking through the property to identify GAPS in its business center, front & back office, WIFI access points & coverage, security hardware & software, perimeter security, guest rooms, network infrastructure, mobile apps, and ERP of the hotel to name a few. 

Find out more about AHT Inc.’s Exclusive Technology GAP Assessments 

AHT Inc. Technology GAP Assessments 

At AHT Inc. we have developed a rigorous GAP assessment process to assure hotel owners get a top-down summary of their technology infrastructure. Our brilliant team comes prepared, with a clearly formulated process that includes:  

  • Identifying technology gap assessment goals
    • Renovation
    • Tech Compliance
    • Upgrades
    • Complete Redesign  
  • Analyzing current processes to determine hurdles that affect desired performance
    • Analyze the Current State of Hotel Technology 
    • Outline the Future State  
  • Developing an action plan to fill the technology gap
    • Describe the technology GAP 
  • A presentation & report for a review of the technology gap analysis to hotel ownership & management 
  • An audit of all activities undertaken to bridge the technology GAP, to determine the effectiveness
    • Bridge the technology GAP
    • Evaluate new technology infrastructure 
  • Evaluating the preparedness of the entire technology infrastructure for deployment 

At Advanced Hospitality Technologies Inc. we offer a breakthrough process to ensure your hotel has absolutely no vulnerability by the time we are done. AHT Inc. perseveres in the face of complexity and hurdles to ensure that your hotel is future-proofed for an entire decade.

Our proficient Director of Information Technology, Mohammad Shoaib Ziaee, is a certified PCI Professional, and a Certified Hospitality Technology Professional by the HFTP. Mohammad has already accomplished successful technology GAP assessments and renovations at some of the biggest hospitality brands in the USA. 

Our prestigious customers include Marriott, Hilton, Wyndham, IHG, and Choice Hotels, to name a few. AHT Inc. empowers hotels by simplifying their technology infrastructure, securing every hotel technology touchpoint, and delivering timely support to avoid disasters. 


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