Shift4 Payments Acquires Merchant Link, Adding Powerful Payment Security & Robust Processing

In a recent notification from Merchant Link, one of the largest global hospitality payment gateway providers, announced that it will be discontinuing its services from December 31st 2019. 

According to Merchant Link’s official news release its services were missing on some essential features including:

  • No Europay, Mastercard and Visa (EMV) acceptance facility , which has become standard since the October 2015 liability shift
  • No point-to-point encryption to prevent data breaches
  • No tokenization to support omni-commerce environments
  • Inadequate cloud-based reporting and support tools

The renowned payment gateway provider, previously owned by Oracle’s MICROS, was acquired by Shift4. Shift4 is a growing merchant account provider, and was itself established in 2018 with the acquisition of Nevada based payment gateway provider Shift4 Corporation by Lighthouse. 

Before its acquisition, Merchant Link boasted a global network of 500,000 merchants using its payment gateway for POS transactions. It has however been argued that the number of merchants were declining with Opera’s MICROS. 

The migration of the Merchant Link system to the Shift4 Payments brings new benefits in addition to providing a more secure, robust, and reliable system of payment processing. The new system requires no upgrades to existing POS systems. Merchants will not face any disruptions but will need to upgrade their services to Shift4 Payments. 

The Shift4 Payments platform will add some amazing features & functionality to the MerchantLink system, including:

  • Comprehensive EMV solution, including free EMV terminals
  • PCI-validated point-to-point encryption (P2PE)
  • Advanced tokenization technology
  • Free pay-at-the-table terminals, with built-in customer engagement features
  • 100% uptime since 2008 with fully redundant, geographically diverse data centers
  • Industry-leading transaction speeds
  • Robust back-end reporting and enterprise management tools

Easily Upgrade MerchantLink to Shift4 Payments

If your hotel or restaurant is operating with the MerchantLink system, you will be required to upgrade your services with the Shift4 Payments platform. 

Advanced Hospitality Technologies Inc. can assist you with this migration allowing you to enhance your payment gateway security & reliability. Since PCI compliance is a major component of payments in hospitality business, we also assure your new payment processor complies with all necessary prerequisites. 

Contact our technology managers today for a brief overview and how we assist you throughout the MerchantLink to Shift4 Payment upgrade process.