AHT Inc.’s COVID19 Technology Checklist for Hotels

Advaced Hospitality Technologies Inc. has been on the forefront assisting hotels ever since the coronavirus pandemic broke out. Our proficient team has helped hotels, resorts, and country clubs to maintain operations through intuitive technology management & risk assessments. 

During the time COVID19 was wreaking havoc on the US economy our team not only secured multiple brand franchises through smart technology applications but also inaugurated several properties during March & April.

Since social distancing, signage, and hygiene control are strictly defined SOPs for hotels & lodging businesses, it is essential to integrate technology. Where once the human touch was essential, technology must be delegated to ensure not just safety but incurring liabilities. 

AHT Inc. has been continuously devising a concrete formula to first identify, analyze, and then renovate hotel technology infrastructures. Let’s take a quick look at our exclusive hotel technology checklist during COVID19.

PCI Compliant Assets 

The foremost responsibility of every hotel owner is to ensure their asset is PCI Compliant and analyzed by a certified PCI Professional. Due to growing cases of cyber breaches and card theft amid COVID19 it’s step one on our list.  

AHT Inc. offers comprehensive PCI Compliance, Technology GAP assessments, and liability management for hotels assuring the conformity to all relevant rules.  

Cybersecurity & Information Privacy 

Continuing from the first point, information and device security will be of the essence as cybercriminals are looking for more than financial gain, Big Data. As workers resort to their homes, it will be critically important to secure hotels, the staff, and its guests.  

AHT Inc. offers one of the best threat detection and protection services for devices, networks, and information. Our solutions have protected hotels across the US for well over 15 years. In addition, we also analyze your systems on a daily basis to look for vulnerabilities that can lead to data theft liabilities. 


Dictated by most authorities including the AHLA and the WHO informing hotel guests and visitors constantly about hygiene, social distancing, and COVID19 safety is necessary for all establishments. 

Digital signage is the most interactive means of keeping people engaged with all necessary coronavirus countermeasures on a daily basis in hotels. 

Remote Work Services 

Several staff members including revenue, inventory, sales, and other back-office staff will be mostly working from home amid COVID19. As the demand for remote work increases, hotels will need reliable & secure applications to keep their staff connected with hotel networks. 

Our signature remote connectivity service is a highly secure staff remote work solution that we have deployed for well over a decade. We have improved the service for faster access, file transfers, and enhanced privacy. 

Mobile PMS Integration 

Integrating a cloud-based PMS solution allows hotels massive versatility with staff able to connect to the hotel PMS through mobile devices, while managers can quickly overview the entire operation through the highly intuitive interfaces. 

Hotel Guest Mobile Apps

Hotel guest mobile apps will be a common feature in every hotel post-COVID19. It is a simple essential that will keep guests engaged with the hotel at all times. Marriott is deploying a superb Bonvoy app for loyalty programs, booking, check-in, Bluetooth keys, chat, and room control. 

Self Check-In 

To address social distancing hotels will have to integrate self-check-in technology services. Hotels can deploy a variety of solutions from kiosks, tablets, PCs, mobile apps, or concierge bots to ensure there is minimum human interaction. 

Touchless Payments

Touchless payments are one of the most popular technologies today, with the millennial traveler trusting it. Hotels should be more proactive in adopting these technologies to ensure that the infection surface is minimum on their properties. 


I hope you found our hotel technology checklist for COVID19 useful. You can always connect with us and discuss technology concerns with our team over Live Chat, over the phone at 510-900-5990, and over email info@advhtech.com.  

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