5 Benefits of Managed Remote Support for Your Hotel

Technology integration allows hotels to seamlessly deliver superior guest satisfaction. This variety of technology can include everything from automated concierges to smart room appliances. A growing number of hotels now have mobile apps, business centers, and other I.T. intensive elements on site.

It is quite apparent that technology creates new opportunities and improves operations. However, some of these technologies come with ‘complexity’, hence require constant managed support and frequent maintenance.

Today we take a look at 5 essential benefits that managed remote support technicians can offer your hotel.

Speed & Response Time

Hotels are a 24/7 business industry, hence requires hands-on support from experts who can quickly resolve issues remotely. Quick response time and high-speed resolution is possibly the most significant advantage of having a remote support technician available 24/7.

Sometimes an issue can be as simple as installing an upgrade or configuring a simple setting, and a technician can remotely fix the issue. This allows the hotel to reduce service downtimes and deliver the same superior services to guests instead of waiting for an on-site technician to visit.  

At Advanced Hospitality we offer you a team of world-class experienced technicians to help you through the toughest technical issues across your property. Our remote technicians are equipped with all necessary knowledge and rigorously trained to assist you with the entire hotel tech infrastructure.  

Our remote support team assists you 24/7, with a superb resolution time target of 30 minutes for even the most complex issues. Our three-tiered support ensures your issue is diagnosed and resolved at the first level, while a senior technician oversees the resolution process.

Cost Effective

Carrying technical staff can have a significant cost on your wage bill, not to mention multiple technicians for different technologies. Some technologies can be costly to maintain and repair, hence increasing your overall expenses.

Remote support can be significantly cost-effective compared to staff technicians with traveling and hourly costs removed from the equation. Since your hotel only contracts the managed remote support assistant this radically lowers your wage bill and property’s expenses.

Advanced Hospitality Technologies offers customized support service packages designed to assist with smooth operations at your property. We offer both remote and on-site technicians to help you through the most complex hotel technology issues across the USA.

Our highly affordable quotes are designed to cater to both large scale resorts, boutique hotels, and even stand-alone franchise hotels. We can also offer additional technical support services including procurement, installation, configuration.  


Possibly the most obvious advantage of using remote support for your hotel is the proficiency that it brings to the hotel’s service delivery. Several technology giants have already tested and established that remote support & assistance can solve 90% of common technology issues.

Today remote support can be delivered faster in a more productive, and professional manner with a selection of tools available with improved video, audio, and reporting systems. Even modern PMS allows a dedicated option to contact remote technicians directly through the interface.

Advanced Hospitality remote support is available from 9 am to 6 pm EST through business hours, with a technician always available to assist 24/7. Our world-class resolution time allows us to efficiently fix all technical issues at your property with great proficiency.

Risk Compliance

Remote support can also be part of a managed risk compliance requirement for hotels. As the impact of technology magnifies every year with new POS, smart devices, internet technologies, security cam tech, etc. hotels need a remote assistant to manage all hotel tech.

The increased risk of cybertheft requires frequent compliance & vulnerability checks which can be costly performed by an on-site technician. A remote support assistant can easily run all relevant checks for compliance and vulnerabilities without disturbing the operations at your property.

At Advanced Hospitality we keep your technology infrastructure in check throughout the year with constant compliance checks, maintenance, and vulnerability checks all bundled in one excellent bundle of support services.

Our engineers monitor your infrastructure on an ongoing basis to keep all technology in check and deliver quarterly reports to keep you informed. Our exclusive white glove service proactively ensures your hardware & software is compliant, your hotel tech is operational, and your property is secure.  

Monitoring of Multiple Assets

Carrying dedicated engineers for multiple properties can be quite expensive for even the biggest hotel franchise in the world. Remote technical support can easily manage multiple properties geographically scattered. This can significantly reduce the cost of managing a support technician for every property, reduce downtimes, and efficiently resolve technology issues.

Advanced Hospitality Technologies is an elite managed support provider for some of the biggest hotel franchises across the USA. Our list of clients includes premier names including Marriott, Sheraton, La Quinta, Wyndham, and Hilton hotels.


Remote support is an essential element when handling multiple technologies at your hotel. Due to its vast benefits, remote support is an essential element for hotels with integrated guest technologies.

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