Technology-Supported Operations Provide More Time for Leisure

Global hospitality trends are radically changing, with travelers & tourists demanding a more tech-savvy guest experience from California hotels. Being a popular destination for both business and leisure travelers, California hotels have to readily implement and strategize their offerings. 

Hotels owners do question the productivity of hotel technology for the investment it demands. California hotel technology solutions have proven to deliver a significant advantage for companies including some excellent services like automated concierges and mobility integrations. 

Today, we discuss how technology supported hospitality management in California hotels delivers more time for hotel management & staff to relax. 

Mobility & Apps 

The smartphone is an entire universe in your hand, with anything from food ordering to banking in the palm of your hand. Powering the features of a hotel smart room is no exception with the wide functionality of modern mobile devices. 

Guest can control the technology experience, allowing them to control everything from the room key to room service with a single mobile app. The Marriott Hotel app is by far one of the most comprehensive guest technology solutions already available with other hotels like the Hotel Irvine following in their footsteps.  

Mobile apps make life easier for both guests and hotel staff, cutting down service delivery times and effortlessly deliver amenities when guest demand them. Mobile apps can be easily used to adjust room temperature without having to move from the bed, control concierge messaging and even help solve internet issues. 

Mobile integrations at hotels can speed up service delivery as we mentioned, but it can also save precious time that can allow staff to relax and guests to enjoy their hotel experience. Housekeeping can make the room at the recommended times, with peace of mind that they are not disturbing guests. 

IoT Implementations

Internet of things has massive opportunities for hotels with all technologies interconnected and active at all times. The ability for guests to sync their smart devices with smart rooms is the latest trend driving staff efficiency and guest convenience. 

The research article at identifies several estimates ranging between 17 and 30 billion devices. This mass migration to smart devices is rapidly changing the way hotels integrate lighting, curtains, temperature control devices, TVs, and even concierges. 

Hotel owners must realize that classic human interaction is still undeniably valuable. Hotel technology speeds up service delivery and simplifies processes, but never takes over. IoT integration according to several professionals will become an integral part of hotel technology strategies in California. 

IoT implementations allow staff to have information on guests, ready to personalize and enhance their experience. This not only saves time but also gives guests complete control over their technology experience. Hotel staff can then concentrate on other more complex matters, with considerable relaxation time. 

Robot Concierge & Room Service 

Top franchises including the Marriott group and several others are constantly implementing time-saving hotel technology services in California hotels. These include automated concierge machines and robot butlers to help deliver guests with their requests immediately.  

The Residence Inn (Marriott) uses “A.L.O. Botlr” the robot butler to deliver food, laundry, etc. to guest rooms. Similarly, the Marriott Shanghai Pudong East uses a robot concierge in late hours to quickly onboard and guide guests to their rooms. Not only is that efficient, but it saves time & effort from staff who may be on break or busy with another task. 

Hotel Data Security 

As IoT becomes common in California hotels, hotel data security and information privacy will be essential across the state. While the USA follows lenient online privacy legislation with net neutrality now an obsolete notion, it is essential that hotel management develop their own privacy & data management policies. 

A severe data leak not only costs hospitality companies money but also scars their reputation across the world. Marriott, Guangzhou, and Hilton hotels have already fallen prey to cybercriminals

Having a sound security infrastructure and data management strategies can save hotels time and negative publicity. Most hotels tend to outsource this very critical function to California based hotel management experts. These professional technology providers have expert knowledge and skills to ensure that hotel staff is not running around in case of a cyber attack. 


These are just a few integrations of technology that we briefly overview. There are countless hotel technology integrations in California hotels that will wow guest as we step into the next decade. Amazing technologies like virtual reality, voice assistants, driverless cars, and keyless entry are just the beginning for hotels to save time to deliver superior guest experiences. 

Contact us today to discuss the many hotel technology integrations in your California hotel. At Advanced Hospitality we have delivered hotel technology service to popular brands in California for over 20 years.