Technology Compliance & Security for Hospitality Businesses amid COVID-19

In what can only be termed a “radical turn of events” we are now looking at survivability instead of sustainability in the hospitality industry. The hotel industry has already demanded a $150 billion relief package from the U.S. federal government in an attempt to alleviate the sudden economic crunch.

Even when there is no tourism and guests, the hotel owners will have to consider keeping their technology infrastructures compliance, maintained, and secure. In addition, with a third of the American workforce already working remotely, it is simply necessary to ensure that all hotel technology touchpoints are secured. 

The FBI, PwC research, and Deloitte have already established the severe nature of cyberattacks that are now imminent. Hospitality being the second most popular target in the US for cybercriminals is already in what we can call the “red zone.” Compliance & managed cybersecurity remain the only avenues for hoteliers to ensure that their treasure trove of guest information is always secure. 

Professional Technology Compliance  

Technology compliance will remain, and now with more elaborate laws in place hospitality businesses will have to ensure they remain compliant even when they are in lockdown. The sheer amounts of guest data, including both personal & financial, in hotel databases is reason enough. 

At AHT Inc. we understand tech compliance, and we also know the business of hospitality. Our job is ensuring that your guest enjoys a seamless technology experience, while you add the extra touch of finesse.

Our PCI Professional & HFTP certified experts deliver a superior standard of compliance to ensure your hotel technology remains futureproof for almost a decade. Our world-class technology GAP analyses identify what your hotel has and how we can work to enhance your security and compliance. 

AHT Inc also only partners with compliant vendors & suppliers to ensure all our technology integrations are assured with quality. Our professionals are highly versed in hotel technology benchmarks through their vast experience managing Marriott, IHG, Choice Hotels, and Hilton assets. 


Cybersecurity may be an ignored area in hotel management, it may just prove who survives and who doesn’t amid the COVID19 pandemic. As more workers move to remote access over home networks, more cybercriminals are now targeting home user networks. With a complex arsenal of attacks including spam and phishing, hotels that usually operate through email and messaging services are open to this threat. 

AHT Inc has secured hotel technology infrastructures well before since 2000. As one of the pioneers of hotel technology management, we have been privileged to have assisted global brands including the Marriott and IHG. 

From cutting edge firewall security to highly intuitive threat detection & protection, AHT Inc provides you with a complete end to end solution under one roof. Our professional engineers are also available through the planning, procurement, installation, configuration, and deployment process. 

Our support team assists your remote workers with setup, and assists with all routine troubleshooting issues. We assure our presence, especially at a time when the industry is at threat. 


Get in touch with our team today to know more about our COVID19 relief services. Our team is available on call, over email, and over our Live chat service. 

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