Scam Alert: How to Stay Safe from Cyber Threats in Hotels

With the surge in scamming targeted at the hospitality industry, let’s take a look at the how the industry is getting affected by these scams and how properties can avoid it.

The hotel operations are highly dependable on technology nowadays with multiple technological products playing their part individually and collectively to ensure the seamless operations of a property. While providing ease of operations these fragmented components also tend to have certain loopholes that may be exploited by criminals to gain access to hotel systems and database. This makes cyber security a high priority in the hospitality industry. In the last few years cyber security has progresses rapidly and many innovations have been made in that regard, but unfortunately cyber criminals have also attempted to find new ways to attack hotel systems. Fraudsters and scammers have resorted to gain access to hotel systems by posing as vendor support or OTA agents, untrained staff can fall prey to such scams.