Guest Service Technology – The Primary Focus of US Hotel & Resort Investment in 2021

In a discussion with financial analysts Hilton CEO, Chris Nassetta commented that “A full recovery will take time, and it could take several years to return to the hotel demand levels we experienced in 2019. But as we shift our focus to the future, we are incredibly confident about the long-term prospects of the business and our model.”

PwC in their May 2020 US Hospitality Outlook also brought promising news of gradual demand growth with adherence to strict social distancing measures. Hospitality professionals and analysts alike believe in a swift recovery over time, with 2021 bringing more hope to lodging businesses, as tourists begin to travel in cars. 

While demand generation remains a crucial concern, hoteliers are constantly looking into simple lifestyle technologies that can assist with better guest service experiences in hotels and resorts. Consider the Bluetooth Key feature at Marriott Hotels, an excellent way to stay away from surfaces at this time.     

Guest service technology is a simpler way to enact COVID19 safe rules, and enable a consistent guest experience for every customer. Managing the guest technology experience and the hotel technology system, is an integral part of hosting guest service technologies. 

In her very interesting article, Mitra Sorrells writes that: 

“The shift toward contactless technology solutions has been developing for years, with hotels around the world offering digital check-in and digital room keys and in-room voice devices for some time. 

But COVID-19 has accelerated this trend, creating new demand as hoteliers look for ways to eliminate any element of the experience that could create a risk for either guests or staff.

And that’s keeping suppliers of travel-focused contactless technologies very busy.”

Academic studies have already proven with conclusive evidence that technology improves overall guest satisfaction and drives future behavior. You can access the complete research here.

Keeping these conclusions in mind, hotels have over the last 7 years highly invested in contactless guest service technology that makes stays more convenient. An important observation for hotel owners is that not all technology amenities will impact overall guest satisfaction. 

This is where a hotel technology management company can assist hoteliers with budgeting, procurement, installation, and management of technologies. It is essential to understand the lifestyle and behavior of your guests in the modern age to understand the technologies that are important for them.

The presence of COVID19 already requires a variety of monitoring and sterilization technologies to be part of the hospitality experience. The use of thermal scanners, robots, contactless delivery, and digital touch screens is already becoming fairly popular even in the smallest of hotels. 

Martin Verdon-Roe mentions in his recent article that guests determine cleanliness as the most important factor when booking a hotel room. Sterilization bots and booths will be an important guest service technology in 2021 to ensure zero transmission of COVID19. 

In a time when hotels are clearly looking to survive a pandemic, it is essential that every dollar spent on guest service technology be valued. Every single technology investment must be data driven, professionally managed & supported. 


Hoteliers & researchers remain positive that travel will pick up in 2021, as they learn to live with the COVID19 virus. At AHT Inc. we are readily assisting hotel owners renovate their guest service technology systems for post-covid19 hospitality. 

Get in touch with our team today to learn more how we can assist your hotel in this difficult time. Remember to visit us again for more interesting news, trends, opinions and breakthroughs from hospitality. Until next time, see you again soon.