Hotel Technology Is A Lifeline For Hoteliers In Holiday Season

The holiday season is here, and that means the hospitality industry’s most busy season has started. More and more people seem to be spending Christmas and New Year’s at a hotel because it may be a great opportunity to rest, eat good food, and have fun. This is predicted to be the busiest holiday season in the last two years, ,meaning that hotels will have to stretch their resources to a maximum to be able to cater to the influx of guests in this season. Staffing shortages will be a major problem for the hotels in this season as hospitality industry has been suffering from labor shortages since last three years, this season will only magnify that problem. On top of that, guest expectations are to be high, and hotels will be striving to provide an impeccable guest experience to their guests. In this worrisome situation hotel technology can be a lifesaver for hoteliers.

Hotels have been implementing technologies for enhancing guest experiences for quite some time now, and in this season they have a chance to make this holiday season special for their guests even with their limited staff and resources. This holiday season hoteliers have a chance to use the hotel technology creatively and make full use of it. Here are some ways in which hoteliers can use technology to ease their burden for the holiday season:


It is time to bring the joyful spirit of the December holidays to your hotel, a huge part of announcing that your hotel is ready for the festivities is the decorations. It is no brainer to invest time and money into the decorations as it is perfect way to make everything cozy and merry and make your guests feel at home. This can put a positive impact on guest retention, as this will make the guests keep coming back to your property.

However, gone are the days of old boring strings light around the property. Especially when staff is already limited, it is simply not possible to spend all that man hours on Christmas decorations. But this is not required anymore, with the introduction of smart devices like Alexa, there can be a teched-out festive property. Now there are lights that can connect to your smart device and can play in tune with the music, control the colors of the lights and determine the brightness of the lights. The smart device outlets can also let you control the timing of the holiday décor, so you don’t have to worry about unplugging the tree or turning off the outside lights manually. With staff shortage, you don’t have to worry about the outside lights also, there are lights that simply project onto your property. Hoteliers don’t have to go through the hassle of installing the lights outside, this is also a safer method.


Holiday season is the busiest season for the hospitality industry, but hotels need to act smart to optimize their revenue in this season. Dynamic pricing strategy has been a long-established practice for the hotels, but with new technology hotels can take this strategy even further by using real time data to adjust their prices. With new state of the art Revenue Management Systems (RMS) hotels can adjust their seasonal rates pricing strategy to maximize their profit. Data can provide valuable insights into which rates are working well, and which ones need to be tweaked. With this information, you can make more informed decisions about your seasonal pricing strategy and ensure that you’re always maximizing your property’s earnings.


Tis the season and it needs Christmas specials; Holiday music and classic movies are a necessary component of Christmas at homes. In order to make guests feel at home, hotels can offer Christmas streaming packages to their guests. This can make a guest feel welcome and enhance their experience at the hotel. Also, streaming of religious services can also be provided for the guests if they require. Guests can listen to their favorite carols or their favorite Christmas music via guest entertainment service.


Hotel technology has been a helping hand for hoteliers over the years, this holiday season it can be a great tool to manage the large guest volume. Property Management Systems can really help hotels to manage their resources effectively, so properties can make the most of their limited staff without any hassle. Similarly, technology can be used to provide guests with a memorable holiday experience.