Technology’s Gap Analysis for Service Quality Improvement in Hotels & Resorts

Hoteliers are left with few avenues to maintain the financial stability of their assets. Improving service quality and service redesign are top priorities for hotels moving into a new year. Hotel owners are increasingly using breakthrough knowledge and expertise of technology management providers to find intuitive ways to maintain service quality. 

Technology gap analysis is an intelligent way to identify the efficiency, reliability, and security gaps within a hotel technology system. A hotel technology system usually consists of back & front office technology, guest service technology, and  other miscellaneous tech creating the entire service design. 

Essentially, the technology based service gap measurement model identifies several aspects of the hotel service design. Technology gap analyses identify the cross functional nature of hotel guest service and how every part of the hotel can improve service design as a whole. 

Technology gap analysis also allows hoteliers to focus on the customers, allowing them to build their entire experience anchored around the guest. The increased requirements for sterilization, health safety, and social distancing also require a guest-centric approach from hoteliers. 

Technology has been a force in hospitality allowing hoteliers to provide enhanced comfort and convenience to guests through leading edge tech. The mobile app in itself has become the central guest experience manager for travelers providing them with bookings, check ins, Bluetooth room keys, and other features that reduce human contact.

One of the most crucial gaps that hoteliers have to fill is the communication gap during the COVID19 pandemic. Keeping customers engaged and updated with the latest travel information is essential one of the most crucial tasks for hotels and resorts. Providing guests with the latest health safety information through websites, mobile apps, and digital press releases is a great way to rebuild trust with them. 

Listening to travelers is essential for the modern hotels and resorts to design more appropriate service experiences. Technology is allowing hoteliers the opportunity to harness data and insights to make more informed decisions. Ever since the pandemic hit alarming levels travelers have demanded more strict actions from hotels and resorts to build safer experiences. 

Technology gap analysis is a clever way for hotels to identify critical vulnerabilities in their core guest service design. The gap analysis marks every area of human interaction and maps out alternative solutions to welcome, onboard, and move guests to their rooms without human assistance. 

Gap analysis audits are essential to keep hotel back offices efficient and secure. Especially when staff are working from home, a more robust back office infrastructure is essential to keep hotels in operation during these tough times. 

Service quality improvement through technology also requires professional expertise to provide a roadmap for service redesign. Integrating IT assets and guest technology for business growth requires expert understanding of the hospitality ecosystem. 

The technology gap assessment itself is a complex process that requires the expertise of a professional hotel technology provider. Hospitality technology management companies specialize in conducting audits, vendor management, and installation of hotel technology. 

Hotel technology providers also compile comprehensive hotel technology health reports to provide owners a complete picture of their asset. The report identifies the efficiency of IT assets and that of guest tech, allowing hoteliers to make smarter decisions to improve service quality. 


Technology integration in hotels is becoming a leading solution to enhance guest safety post-COVID19. Improving service design through technology is the most attractive and cost friendly way for hotels and resorts to maintain the stability of their business. 

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