Connected Rooms: Hilton’s High-Tech Hotel Room of the Future

Picture depicting hotel room


The hotel room experience is being reimagined with the introduction of Hilton’s new “Connected Rooms” technology. This transformative room concept aims to enhance the guest experience by integrating personalization and high-tech control into every step along the way.

Connected Room is part of Hilton’s efforts to provide a more personalized and seamless experience for guests through the use of technology. However, it’s important to note that specific details about Connected Room may evolve over time, with new features or changes being implemented constantly.

Generally, the use of Connected Room is a complimentary service for Hilton Honors members. The Connected Room feature is often tied to the Hilton Honors loyalty program, so it may require membership. Also, as guest data privacy is a great concern in the hospitality industry, Hilton typically takes measures to ensure the security of guest information. It’s recommended to review Hilton’s privacy and security policies for more details.

When guests first enter their Connected Room, built-in sensory systems automatically detect their presence and adjust lighting, temperature, and other environmental features to suit their pre-set preferences in the Hilton Honors app. Guests immediately feel welcomed and that the room has adapted specifically for their comfort.

Connected Rooms allow guests to use the customization settings and features of the Hilton Honors smartphone app to control in-room elements with the touch of a button. Voice assistant integration enables adjusting settings through convenient hands-free voice commands. Guests can effortlessly open and close shades, regulate thermostat and fan speeds, switch on the 65″ Smart TV, and more based on their personal tastes.

These are some of the key features of Hilton connected room:

Personalization: Connected Room allows guests to personalize their in-room experience. Guests can use the Hilton Honors mobile app to control various aspects of the room, such as lighting, temperature, and TV.

Mobile Key: Hilton’s mobile app, including Connected Room functionality, often includes a mobile key feature. This allows guests to use their smartphones to unlock their hotel room doors, providing added convenience.

Preferences and Settings: Guests can set their preferences before arrival, and Connected Room will adjust the room’s settings accordingly. For example, if a guest prefers a certain temperature or lighting level, these preferences can be saved in the app.

Integration with Streaming Services: Some versions of Connected Room allow guests to stream their favorite content from services like Netflix, Hulu, and others directly to the in-room TV.

Communication with Hotel Staff: Connected Room may facilitate communication between guests and hotel staff, allowing guests to make requests or report issues through the app.

Digital Check-in/out: Skip the front desk and complete the check-in/out process through the app, saving valuable time.

Room Service and Housekeeping: Order room service or request housekeeping directly from the app.

Local Information: Access nearby restaurant recommendations, attractions, and other local information through the app’s concierge feature.

Current Availability

This technology is still being rolled out, so not all Hilton hotels have it yet. You can check if your chosen hotel offers Connected Rooms on the Hilton website or by contacting the hotel directly.


By merging innovation with hospitality, Hilton’s Connected Room aims to tailor the room environment and available amenities to match each guest’s preferences. Feedback from guests indicates the experience provides a new level of personalization that makes guests feel instantly at home. It’s clear the Connected Room is poised to define the new standard and future for hotel stays. Hilton Connected Room Technology is a promising step towards a more intuitive and personalized hotel experience. If you’re looking for a tech-savvy stay, this could be a great option for your next trip.