Benefits of Contactless Guest Solutions For Hotels in 2021

The US hotel industry is now going through a post-COVID19 recovery with occupancy numbers increasing during holiday seasons and then dipping slightly over time. The good thing here is to see the rebuilding trust between guests in their favorite brands.

Hotels and resorts across the US are increasingly investing in contactless technology performing radical service design to ensure guest health safety. From deploying sterilization machines and robots to adopting Bluetooth LTE locks on doors, contactless solutions are increasingly featuring in hotels across the US. 

3 Major Advantages of Contactless Guest Technology in US Hotels 

With less staff to offer, hospitality managers are left with fewer options that can offer premium service with guaranteed health safety. Contactless solutions are a breakthrough for even small and medium sized properties, especially because of their cost-efficiency. 

Guest Health Safety

The most obvious benefit of contactless guest service in hotels is the guaranteed health safety they offer. From bluetooth room keys to room control, every hotel brand is offering its using set of digital features through mobile apps to ensure guests are safe from transmission. 

Many hotel franchises are also adopting touchless payments to further secure the transaction process while ensuring guest safety. Contactless solutions are a great way for the guest to check-in with a tap, control their room features through tablets & smartphones, chat with the concierge online, operate room service robots, and make payment when they check-out. 

Staff Efficiency and Service Efficiency   

Contactless guest services drive both staff efficiency and service efficiency. Since guests can book from anywhere and check-in from the hotel lobby with a tap on their phones, staff can be prepared for rush hours. 

When the staff knows a guest has already checked in they can bypass many timely processes to simply on-board the guest to their room. This also enhances guest satisfaction as they go through a seamless process and quickly reach their warm hotel bed. 

Contactless solutions are usually highly customizable and can be easily synergized with most popular hotel property management systems. This allows hoteliers to know when guests have checked in and their profile is complete in the database. 

Featured tools including concierge chat allows the concierge to communicate with multiple guests. This allows the concierge to save precious time without being present in each situation and resolve complaints through the mobile PMS. 

Cost-Efficiency of Contactless Solutions 

Contactactless tech is cost-friendly to deploy and maintain, it does require a future proofed technology infrastructure to ensure top-tier security. Bluetooth locks are one of the simplest contactless tech’s being featured in almost every US hotel. 

Most contactless solutions are either software (smartphone apps) or a unique mix of software and hardware (robots & Voice Assistants). These are therefore cheaper to maintain and upgrade over their tangible life. 

In a time when hoteliers have to maintain tight budgets yet offer premium service, contactless solutions are a proven way to minimize costs of services. 


Contactless guest solutions are leading the way in hospitality allowing brands to rebuild trust with the customers. Marriott, Hilton and many others are consistently working towards building the perfect digital hotel guest experience, redefining hospitality post-COVID19.   

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