5 Ways In-Room Tablets Increase Hotel Revenue

Hotel guest technology integrations are creating great opportunities for hotels to deliver more personalized experiences with quicker service delivery times. In-room mobility and smart apps are becoming a major amenity in branded franchises like Marriott, Hilton, Ritz-Carlton, and Sheraton. 

Criton identified in their 2018 research that 74% of guests prefer using in-house hotel apps if there is one. Intelity reported in their 2018 survey that hotel technology & apps influence booking decisions of an estimated 70% of guests. 

We consider the example of the Claridge House Hotel in Chicago which offers customized tablets in every room. The Claridge House tablet offers one of the vastest mobile functionalities in world hospitality today, integrating everything from concierge assistance to shopping into through an attractive custom user interface. 

Today, we take a closer look at in-room tablets and how they benefit hotel businesses to increase revenue.  

5 Amazing Ways Room Tablets Increase Hotel Revenue 

There are diverse possibilities for tablet computing in hospitality that include both hotels and their guests. In-room guest technology services company, Room Gizmo, prove in their latest infographic how tablet technology can boost hotel revenue without having the guests to leave their rooms:

Image Courtesy: Room Gizmo

Room Gizmo offers comprehensive technologies for guests that ease the check-in, stay, and payment processes at hotels. Their various solutions include in-room tablet tech, mobile apps, virtual concierge and several other guest technology services to make hoteling experiences remarkable. 

So, what are all the amazing benefits of using tablets at hotels? Let’s discover. 

Personalize the Guest Technology Experience 

Looking at the way the hospitality industry is evolving, personalization is the mantra of this age. Millennial travelers and even seasoned tourists demand a high level of personalization when they book holidays, business trips, and weekend escapes. 

An in-room tablet can be an outstanding tool to personalize the experience for hotel guests. Imagine guests receiving a personalized welcome message on the tablet followed by a list of amenities that matches their preferences. These little things can be massive in delivering a more caring and personalized guest technology experience in hotels.

A dedicated tablet also means that every time the guest needs to use an amenity they will be greeted by their name, for instance when calling the front desk, laundry, or room service. The guest can also leave notes for staff to act upon, for instance informing the chef that their steak should be well done, etc. 

Tablets also deliver intelligent services through popular social apps, travel apps, and entertainment services allowing the guest to personalize their holiday. Apps like Facebook, Netflix, Amazon, and TripAdvisor are an excellent way for guest to book trips, watch movies, and connect with family. 

Increase in-room service, restaurant and spa reservations

Tablets are an excellent way for hotels to promote in house amenities like restaurants, bars, spas, etc. Hotels can deliver promos & discounts for guests straight to their tablets upselling amenities like room service, spa treatments,  sauna, bars, guest lounges, business centers, and gym. 

Oracle Hospitality identified in their 2018 research report 77% of guests prefer requesting room service and other hotel facilities through mobile apps. QikServe further solidifies the need for tablet technology for guests claiming that mobile apps lead to an 18% increase in room service orders.     

The modern traveler is hungry for mobile interaction and service delivery. Hotels should consider giving their paper menus & phone ordering services a facelift through tablet technology. 

The modern guest demands quick service, a high level of convenience, seamless personalization, and mobile capabilities to accomplish the first three, as several hospitality tech trends identify. Business Insider reported in a recent article that hotels can increase revenue by 20% per order upselling restaurant, casino, and beverage orders through mobile guest technology. 

Faster In-House Response & Service 

Tablet technology in hotels can be phenomenal for hotel staff, allowing them to fulfill requests as soon as they are made. Staff can keep track of guests through mobility solutions synced with the hotel PMS, making them more efficient. Guests can simply make requests and instead of wasting time calling the front desk they can receive their orders within minutes. 

Staff can also leave notes and feedback to ensure guests receive the most phenomenal experience. 

“I think it works well on both ends—for guests and for team members—because now we can communicate with our engineer, with our housekeeping team, without that struggle of a radio networking,” … “I think it’s made completing any guest requests or any work orders far more effective.”

Israel Arteaga, Director of Rooms – Claridge House

Diligent service significantly increases the probability of guests ordering again using the in-room tablet. This way guests will request even more amenities through a tablet interface, considerably allowing hotels to add new features to accomplish additional services. 

Centralized Room Control 

An in-room tablet is a brilliant way to give your guests full control over their stay. Hotels are fast developing their in-room tablet functionalities to include temperature, curtains, communication, room service, housekeeping, spa booking, tour booking, concierge, and news services within the apps.  

This simple personalization of the guest experience allows significant recall and revisits from the guest, eventually allowing the hotel to increase revenue in the future. 

Promos & Discounts 

In-room tablets are also a brilliant way to deliver offers, discounts, and promotions to hotel guests during their stay. UK Business Insider reported that the conversions for coupons were 10 times more on mobile devices than with real ones. 

Offering your guests ideas for dining, tours, entertainment, and local attractions with attached discounts is a great way for hotels to boost revenue. This can also allow hotels to develop new partnerships with local businesses while offering their guests a magnificent technology experience. 


While the application of in-room tablets to grow revenue are currently still in its infancy, professionals do consider significant improvements in the future. The ability to pay and checkout with the room tablet and several other features are still under consideration.

I hope you enjoyed this article and it gave you insight into the power of tablet controlled hotel rooms. For more interesting reads, new trends, insights, and opinions visit our blog and remember to bookmark us for future publications.