2020 Guest Research Highlights The Pivotal Role of Technology in Hotels & Resorts

Hoteliers have already predicted the winds of change with Marriott, Hilton, and other global hospitality groups automating a fair share of their in-house services. The mobile was identified, almost a decade ago, as the main driver towards more personalized and digitized hospitality experiences. 

In their latest research spanning from March 2020 to July 2020, technology giant Criton identified some intriguing technology insights from 8,053 travelers from the UK.

Possibly the most important insight was the list of travel apps that tourists use to research, search, book, and manage their entire journeys. 38% of the sample identified using official hotel apps, while others identified using multiple distribution services to book stays.  

When we dwell further into the research, we learn that a staggering 73% of travelers consider downloading the official mobile apps of their favorite hotels. The analysis also identified that 76% of travelers would now consider using mobile check-in & check-out when staying at hotels. 

In addition to managing stays through mobile, a large number of the respondents highlighted using digital payments. 82% of surveyed travelers said that they would be very likely or likely to pay their bill via the mobile app. 

We already identified that guests demand significant personalization features embedded into hotel mobile apps. The Criton survey identified that a massive 75% of hotel guests would consider booking restaurants through the mobile app. 

The mobile phone apart from everything that it has become, remains a tool for communication. 45% respondents said that they would prefer using online chat services to contact the concierge. 

Loyalty programs are becoming increasingly popular with the likes of the Marriott Bonvoy gaining popularity for its many add-ons and bonus features. 52% travelers claimed that use loyalty programs through official apps. 

Insights for Post-COVID19 Hospitality  

The Criton research sheds light on some very critical insights for hotel and resort owners. We start with the four essential demands of travelers when staying at hotels & resorts:

  • 75% of respondents demand defined cleaning standards in place against COVID19 
  • 67% demand that hotel staff must clean EVERYTHING that came in human contact before they can stay in a room 
  • 42% of travelers demand that staff replace any toiletries used or unused by previous guests 
  • 52% of respondents agreed they would eat at a restaurant, while 18% would use room service  

The coronavirus pandemic is now spreading a second wave, and requires proactive management when it comes to hospitality. Technology has already been assisting hotels & resorts deliver faster and better service to guests before the pandemic hit. 

The Criton report basically highlights the increase in the number of travelers now choosing touchless tech. Guests not only demand complete information about cleanliness, but also expect hotels to automate the entire experience. 

Of the surveyed travelers only 8% considered checking-in and out through public kiosk. 62% said they would use mobile check-in, while the remaining 30% said they would do it through a webpage. 

The report indicates itself that there was a significant increase in the number of travelers choosing technology to assist their hotel stays. 80% claimed they would prefer using apps for check-in, check-out, payments, food & restaurants, open rooms, and getting information about rooms. 

Access the full Criton Survey Report Here