Five Cyber Security Threats for Hotels and How to Protect Against Them

Hotel businesses have become the second most popular target behind the retail sector in the USA, taking over 2nd place from financial institutions. Cyberattacks are constantly evolving in nature and becoming difficult to detect.  IBM discuss in their cybersecurity ebook that “… it’s not a matter of IF you will be attacked, but WHEN …”.…

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The Management Of Technology Innovation In The Hotel Industry

Relentless competition in the hotel industry drives hotel managers to discover new technical solutions to make operations more efficient in properties. There has been considerable debate on developing new technologies & applications to assist hotel processes.  Technology innovations have become necessary to keep hotels competitive and their operations faster. Both professionals and academics agree (with…

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Technology Management is Essential for Hotel New Builds in 2019

Hotel Technology is essential for New Builds

Over the last decade, the U.S. travel & tourism industry has prospered with an increase in global travelers and a remarkable increase in the number of hotel new build projects. Lodging Magazine reports that an astounding 5,647 hotel new builds with 687,941 rooms, were added at the end of Q1 2019. Hotel Business reports that…

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Hospitality Data Breaches to Make You Rethink Your Hotel CyberSecurity in 2019

Hospitality Data Breaches to Make You Rethink Your Hotel CyberSecurity

Hotel security & data privacy are two of the most critical debates trending in the hospitality industry. HITEC 2019 was dominated by cybersecurity debates, and the need to innovate for hospitality technology infrastructure security and hotel data management.  Cyberattacks & data breaches in hotels quickly become headlines and raise awareness levels, highlighting hospitality businesses in…

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3 Simple Reasons Vendor Management is Necessary for Every Hotel

3 reasons vendor management is necessary for hotels

Vendor management is an essential aspect of success for any hotel operating in today’s industry outlook. That being said, procurement differs by hotel size and type covering multiple areas of the hotel.  An effective supply chain is the building block of great customer experience at hotels. Hospitality technology solutions have evolved to such magnitude that…

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