Transforming the Hotel Experience Using Contactless Guest Services in 2022

The contactless guest experience is here, yes, hospitality operators are quickly embracing the convenience and agility that technology solutions offer. 

Transforming hospitality processes to adapt to severe changes, including a lack of human resources and COVID19 liabilities, has become essential which numerous professionals agree upon.

In his 2020 article, Simone Puorto – CEO & Founder of Travel Singularity, wrote:

The global COVID-19 pandemic has forced many hotels to jump 10-years ahead in only a matter of months in terms of technological adoption: Just think about the growth in contactless, self check-in kiosks, and keyless entry in the last few months.   

Contactless and digital services were always going to be the future of hospitality with brilliant contactless technology already in action at Marriott, Hilton and Sheraton hotels before the pandemic began.  

Marriott hotels had begun riding the wave of technology well before 2013. The brand was already investing in the ideas of robots, digital services, contactless guest experience, predictive analytics, and sustainability initiatives.   

Contactless guest solutions have proven to deliver several benefits to both hotel guests and back office operations. These include driving occupancy, increasing in-room revenue, personalizing guest experiences and providing effective online communication.  

Drive Hotel Occupancy with Contactless Guest Services 

Contactless guest services are an excellent way to rebuild guest trust in a brand, while simultaneously mitigating against COVID19 liabilities. 

Simple solutions including smartphone apps, QR codes, and website services are paving the way for hoteliers to engage travelers with their brands. Digital marketing and branding is allowing both franchise and stand-alone hotels to reconnect with their audiences. 

In their two separate surveys Rethink Travel from September 2020 and Rebuild Travel Digital Health from February 2021, Amadeus seeked to answer the crucial question “can technology help to increase traveler confidence?” The surveys found that traveler confidence in contactless guest services grew from 84% in September 2020 to 97% in February 2021. 

Contactless guest services like self check-in, digital payments, digital menus, online chat and Bluetooth room keys are a great way to make travelers feel safe. Not only are these services great to make guest experiences more personalized, but also great for hotel cost efficiency in the long run. 

Increase in Room Revenue With Contactless Services 

Digital services including interactive restaurant menus, QR code menus, and smartphone apps are a predominant way to increase room revenue. While smartphone apps have not really been widely accepted, other contactless services like room tablets, digital menus, QR codes and online chat have made a great impression on hoteliers. 

In room tablets are by far one of the most effective ways franchise hotels deploy today to not only enhance guest comfort but also encourage sales of their various in-house services. QR codes are another successful integration that hotels are using to grow restaurant & dining revenue.  

Since social distancing and hygiene rules must be followed, contactless solutions are a great way for guests to book amenities, tours, and taxis. Provided either through room tablets, phone apps, or QR codes, contactless guest solutions can strengthen the entire hospitality supply chain. 


Moving ahead in 2022 it will be essential for hotels to make their guest experiences safer, more convenient, personalized, and contactless. Hotel brands must first rebuild trust, and second keep their guests engaged through contactless services. 

Contactless solutions are a great way for hotels to improve operations, delight their guests, increase room revenue and save on substantial service costs. 

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