Technology Management is Essential for Hotel New Builds in 2019

Over the last decade, the U.S. travel & tourism industry has prospered with an increase in global travelers and a remarkable increase in the number of hotel new build projects. Lodging Magazine reports that an astounding 5,647 hotel new builds with 687,941 rooms, were added at the end of Q1 2019.

Hotel Business reports that currently hotel new builds under construction are numbered at 1709 new assets. These new assets will add approximately 227,924 rooms to the grid with an additional 700 hotel projects set to go ahead by February 2020.

The huge development of the US hotel industry also demands the existence of premium hotel technologies to assist with smooth operations. Legacy hotel infrastructures are now dying, with a more futuristic and tech-assisted approach now becoming the winning formula.

Guests have a huge role in determining the experience and amenities they demand at hotels. This then gives rise to offering more personalized experiences to guests, allowing them control over how and when they want services delivered. 

The Technology Empowered Guest 

The massive growth in hospitality, travel, and tourism is much attributed to millennial and Gen-Z demographic. These tech-savvy and highly informative travelers are demanding more from newbuild hotel projects and renovations at their preferred hotels. 

In their survey, Creating the Coveted Hotel Guest Experience, Oracle report that 64% of Hotel Guests respond that investment in Hotel Technology is “Very or Extremely Important”  for a great hoteling expereince.  

The modern traveler is highly informed through social media, websites, and online rating agencies choosing hotels based on real life experiences. Oracle’s report also identifies that almost half of hotel guests leave a review for the hotel after their stay, especially if their experience was “bad”. 

In an independent survey, OpenKey concluded that almost 98% guests expect high speed internet access, while 88% expect high speed USB charging in their rooms and lobby areas. With that being said, mobile devices are becoming an essential element of the guest satisfaction process at hotels. 

Both business and leisure travelers are highly motivated to use hotel mobile apps for communication, to order room services, book amenities, book tours, and control room technology via their mobile device.

Consumer research by Hospitality Technology from 2017 identified that 91% prospect hotel guests make booking decisions based on the availability of high-speed WIFI services. Another 56% also consider other technology amenities at hotels before booking their rooms.  

The Guest Technology Experience

The guest technology experience at any new hotel build must be seamless. Since personalization has become the norm at both luxury and budget hotels, hoteliers are now laying great emphasis on the technology infrastructure of their assets. 

From high-speed internet access to readily managed business centers, the modern hotel project must ensure all the basics are ready when the property opens its doors for guests. The modern guest is well acquainted with “digital comforts” like smart TVs, mobile apps, voice assistants, etc. Hotel owners investing in new builds now understand that the inclusion of modern conveniences adds revenue and delivers a superb experience to guests.  

Personalizing the guest experience becomes easier and faster with technology by your side. Welcoming guests with the voice assistant announcing their name, wishing guests birthdays & anniversaries based on their information, suggesting tours, and allowing control through in-room tablets, etc. can make the guest stay simply flawless. 

This is why owners of hotel new builds should concentrate on getting the technology infrastructure right the first time. A great way to concentrate on the guest experience is with the assistance of a hotel technology management company.  

Hotel technology partners can be crucial for the success of a newbuild hotel project. Their vast expertise, knowledge of popular trends, and professional experience prove crucial when designing, planning, staging, and opening a new hotel. 

Most hotel technology management companies also offer guest technology experience services by developing a roadmap of technology interactions across a hotel. By enhancing the performance and features of hotel technology, hotel technology consultants can deliver hotel processes that spell out satisfaction at every step. 


Technology planning and management remain paramount for hotel new build projects. Professional technology management remains essential to direct the efforts first during hotel construction and then towards the compliance of modern hospitality technologies. 

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