The Management Of Technology Innovation In The Hotel Industry

Relentless competition in the hotel industry drives hotel managers to discover new technical solutions to make operations more efficient in properties. There has been considerable debate on developing new technologies & applications to assist hotel processes. 

Technology innovations have become necessary to keep hotels competitive and their operations faster. Both professionals and academics agree (with real-life examples & research) that diverse technical migrations make hotels efficient, motivate staff, and lead to happier guests. 

In their 2009 research, Innovation Management, Ilyenkova & Kuznetsov concluded that ‘If a hotel is not involved in any innovation process, its performance will sooner or later diminish and its competitiveness will be lost.’

Innovations in Hospitality Technologies 

According to Shoaib Ziaee (Director of Information Technology – Advanced Hospitality Technologies Inc.), there are four strategic areas where hotels can innovate to deliver efficient and superior quality service, these are: 

  • Innovations in Products & Services 
  • Operational Innovations 
  • Data Management & Analytical Innovations 
  • Innovation in Marketing & Distribution Strategies

Product and service-centric innovations are excellent for sustainable business and achieving revenue landmarks. The strategic development of new services and products at hotels can be very lucrative in attracting new potential travelers & tourists. 

A great example of service and product innovation is from ‘1 Hotels New York’. All three 1 Hotels properties in New York now follow an “eco-friendly ethos” whereby their assets only source sustainable materials throughout their decor and architecture. The hotel also offers ec-friendly Tesla cars for guests, organizes celebrity events and partners with local charities.  

Operational innovations or process innovations are rare, but once effectively put to work can be brilliant for business. Hoteliers identify new ways to deliver existing services to guests, delighting them in the process. 

Residence Inn hotels by Marriott now deploy their signature room service robot to deliver little items like towels, toiletries, and other small items as quickly as they are requested. Guests can order through in-room tablets connected directly to staff devices and the hotel PMS. 

Data management and privacy are of utmost importance in the digital landscape. As hotels invest in more reliable & valuable data collection practices, there is a significant need for innovations for analytics, storage, and security of data. As personalization becomes a norm in the hospitality industry, big data analytics will be paramount for the success of hotels. 

“… There are so many technology tools available to aggregate data about your guests so you can understand who they are, what their expectations are, and how to deliver on those expectations, and then run analytics against that data to be sure you are delivering the experience that really works for them …” 
Anna Ransom, Segment Marketing Manager for Amadeus

Every hotel brand is built on its marketing strategies and the innovations that follow. Offering promotions on mobile apps, sending out holiday discounts, partnering with travel websites, venturing with complementary brands, and using social networks are all examples of innovations in marketing.   

Managing Technology Innovation in Hotels 

Innovating processes, services, practices, and strategies at hotels is a great move. Management of hotel technology innovations is an ongoing process and requires a keen eye on popular hospitality technology trends. 

Today, a number of hotel technology companies are offering hotel owners exclusive “white glove services.” Under this concept, hotels go from reactive service model to a “proactive service model.”

For instance, at Advanced Hospitality Technologies Inc. we offer breakthrough white glove services to our clients. With this exclusive offering, our clientele is assured of:  

  • Readily optimized technology budgets 
  • Property improvements plans 
  • Prompt collaboration with hotel owners for technology upgrades
  • Delivering outstanding value through dedicated engineers, technology health reports, and 24-hour digital support services
  • Superior visibility of hotel(s) by highlighting technology features, brand excellence, and outstanding guest experiences supported by tech. 
  • A premier experience through monitoring technology 24/7/365, compliant solutions, dedicated support reps, dedicated project managers, general contractors, and engineers. 


Technology innovation is the way forward for hotels, with a growing number of young travelers now making up the international demographic. Managing innovations and compliance on an ongoing basis can be complex and costly. 

Hiring a hotel technology management company can make technology upgrades & innovation easier for hotel owners. These professional consultants and managers have the know-how that keeps them informed about the latest hospitality tech solutions. They are also well capable to inform hotel owners if an investment decision is viable or not. 

I hope you enjoyed this edition of our blog. For more interesting reads, news, and insights visit us again very soon.