Five Major Benefits of RFID BLE Mobile Room Keys for US Hotels in 2021

RFID locks have been around for more than a decade being used in hotels across the US. As an industry-standard, you can find RFID technology in resorts, corporate hotels, luxury boutique hotels, and even smaller stand-alone properties. 

COVID19 safety rules have already mandated an increased deployment of touchless services to enhance the safety of guests in hotels. Hoteliers are concerned both with the safety of guests and the satisfaction of each and every guest. 

The mobile room key has become a standard for hotels that care deeply about guest and staff safety. Brands are now mandating RFID Bluetooth Light Energy locks with mobile capabilities to increase guest safety moving into 2021. 

Today we take a look at five brilliant benefits of RFID BLE mobile room keys for US hotels moving into 2021.

Guest Health Safety 

Undoubtedly the most important benefit of mobile room keys for US hotels is their massive safety for guests. Guests don’t have to constantly touch keys and plastic cards to push the door open keeping them away from possible infection. 


RFID BLE mobile room keys have been a preferred option for hotels around the world especially because of their reliability. Hoteliers identify that they are easy to use and resilient to wear and tear considering maintenance costs. 


BLE mobile room keys offer enhanced security for hotel owners and guests. The access to the room is completely iron-clad with the guest holding the only key to the room. This also significantly reduces the hotel owner’s liability with the guest in complete control of room access. 

Enhances Guest Satisfaction

A recent report from popular RFID BLE lock vendor dormakaba highlights that use of mobile room access in hotels has shown very high guest satisfaction ratings. Mobile room keys eliminate a series of room access issues like magstripe keycard erasures, theft, and unlocked rooms. 


The most important factor considering the state of the hospitality industry, mobile room keys are highly cost-effective for modern hotels. RFID BLE locks require very negligible maintenance in comparison to plastic cards and keys. Not only do BLE mobile keys last longer, but they are also cheaper to replace & maintain, and require only minor software upgrades. 

AHT Inc. RFID BLE Mobile Room Keys

AHT Inc.’s signature RFID BLE mobile room key solutions are inspired by the world-class system deployed in Marriott Hotels. At AHT Inc. we assist hotel owners to integrate only the highest quality RFID BLE room locks.

AHT Inc. offers leading-edge technology from renowned vendor dormakaba, deploying their SAFLOK series locks. SAFLOK series technology is known for its anti-tamper design and provides a range of features like access audit, solid deadbolt, mobile access, and multiple attractive constructions. 

AHT Inc.’s mobile key solutions are encrypted using SHA256 encryption and delivered over secure HTTPS servers to guest devices to ensure maximum security. Our signature room key solution is also extremely user friendly with a one-touch room access interface. 

Get in touch with our sales team today, to find out more about our latest mobile room key solutions.