Hotel Managed I.T. Partner – vs – Technology Vendor: Knowing the Difference

Understanding the unique challenges and observing the rapidly changing trends of the hospitality industry is essential in delivering “great” customer experience as a B2B service provider.

At Advanced Hospitality we have created lucrative partnerships for over 2 decades. As industry leaders we not only deliver future-proof I.T. solutions to hotels but also build relationships, nurturing them with world-class technology management.

Our relationships go beyond the conventional business model, as we synergize a family of hotel owners, hospitality vendors, software companies, and I.T. management firms.

Hotel technology in the modern world is not a one-off sale, instead, it is an ongoing investment that demands intuitive management to keep it operational on a daily basis. As a hotel owner or hotel manager, it is essential to understand the difference between a technology vendor and a hotel technology management partner.

Sellers & Partners

A vendor or supplier is there to help you procure a product, service, or a mix of the two. Vendors tend to concentrate on their sales numbers and once they have delivered their offering they leave. This is not just the dynamic of hospitality but a general occurrence is most technology reliant industries.

A tech vendor sells you technology, and that is their primary motivation. For example, a vendor that sells software will never really spare the time to train your staff and optimize the use of the app in your unique business.

Hotel technology contractors or hotel technology partners build relationships by investing their interest, resources, and services in your hotel. A managed I.T. partner will stay by your side even when suppliers, vendors, and installation teams have left. From I.T. front desk management to resolving daily issues, your manage I.T. partner will emphasize on the success of your hotel operations.

A hotel technology management partner will then proceed to train your staff with the latest features, hoteling best practices, and making optimal use of software & hardware across the property. Instead of simply selling you tech, a managed I.T. partner invests their time & effort to build a lasting relationship with all stakeholders in hotels.

As experienced hospitality technology management partner’s we understand the unique demands and trends of the US hotel industry. Our world-class support perseveres 24/7 to deliver unparalleled support and solutions to ensure your hotel operates seamlessly.

The AHT on-site engineering team is readily available to help you with hotel project management, new build hotel installations & I.T. deployment, and renovations until your doors finally open for guests. Our team of consultants, peers, and trainers are heavily involved with management & staff to ensure your hotel has the best I.T. security regime, technology application, and hence guest experience.    

Future-Proof Solutions

Tech vendors seldom address constantly evolving technology and the vulnerabilities that they accompany. Suppliers are mostly interested in making the sale, rather than following up with support and updates for technology.

An established hotel technology partner stays informed on the latest tech trends and vulnerabilities that can affect your I.T. infrastructure. Your I.T. partner will encourage feedback from management and build productive relationships to improve the guest technology experience.

As your managed I.T. partner, Advanced Hospitality offers proactive insights, threat reports, and updates for your tech infrastructure. Our solutions can be deployed in full, or customized to suit your hotel size & type. AHT continuously monitors your I.T. infrastructure for upgrades to keeping your tech in sync with latest updates and ensures your systems are future-proof.

An End to End Solution

Rarely will a tech vendor be interested in providing additional support and service for your hotel. A hardware supplier will sell and possibly install the equipment, they will however never really provide you with a complete solution for your I.T. needs.

Vendors are not only reluctant on delivering additional support & service, but also have no concern after your technologies are deployed, they simply leave it to you. This leaves the training, continual management, support, compliance, and upgrading of equipment your responsibility as the hotel owner.

As we mentioned above, a hospitality technology partner builds relationships with all stakeholders allowing you to explore different tech options for your hotel. From hardware & software to choosing the right internet provider, a hospitality I.T. management partner will ensure they deliver an end to end solution for your hotel.

Hotels are unique by type, size, and concept, hence have different I.T. requirements. While a vendor will try to oversell tech, a hotel technology partner will assure your hotel gets the best hardware & software for the property at the right cost. Hospitality I.T. partners usually develop prolific partnerships with branded suppliers and vendors to deliver customized solutions.

At Advanced Hospitality we are at the forefront of delivering majestic hospitality technology management solutions, that we customize based on your hotel’s unique needs. We analyze brand standards, collaborate with vendors, procure technology, provide training, develop meaningful tech reports, and assign support teams to ensure your hotel business delivers a premium guest technology experience.

At AHT we also deliver leading edge & exclusive White Glove Service to all our esteemed hospitality clients. By proactively monitoring hotel I.T. infrastructures, industry trends and consumer insights we ensure hotels operate at peak efficiency while employing the most effective technologies.