5 Perks of Integrating Contactless Guest Solutions in 2022

Accelerated adoption of contactless technology in daily life has also increased the demand for self-service solutions in hospitality over the last year especially. Hotels are now going high-touch with great emphasis on the modern traveler’s need for digitization and personalization through technology. 

STR identified in their latest hotel performance reported the highest occupancy numbers in the US. This is a good signal for hospitality operators to begin the essential transformation of their properties to offer contactless guest experiences to travelers. 

Contactless guest solutions address multiple challenges for hotels, primarily securing guests & staff from COVID19 transmission. Touchless technologies are a brilliant opportunity for hotel operators to manage liabilities while keeping guests engaged through personalized experiences customized for each guest. 

Contactless Guest Services Reduce COVID19 Spread 

The most important aspect of deploying contactless guest tools like self-check-in & checkout, digital payments, Bluetooth mobile room keys, smart room controls, and digital restaurant menus is to ensure guests are secured from any kind of COVID19 threat. 

Ensuring the health safety of both guests and staff is now an essential liability that hotel owners must manage on a continuous basis. Contactless services are quite handsomely capable of delivering exactly that, hands on liability management for hotels. 

Simple guest wowing factors like one touch check-in and mobile room keys are already making a massive impact on building guest trust and keeping them engaged for future visits. In two recurring surveys by Oracle Hospitality in 2020 and 2021, research identified contactless check-in, digital payments, and bluetooth room access as the top three services travelers are demanding. 

Faster On-Boarding, Payments, and Room Service 

As services migrate to digital mediums like smartphone apps, websites, room tablets, and Smart TV services, we can actually see the speed of delivering services go faster. 

Guests can simply check-in from anywhere with a touch and simply walk into their room with a personal Bluetooth room key delivered online. Room service becomes even simpler with complete order tracking and support from the concierge through digital chat services. 

Contactless payments make it even faster for guests to pay online with better security and immediate payment completion. The modern traveler while looking for faster fulfillment also looks to save time and do more. 

Hospitality operators are increasingly adding more convenience while fastening the pace of in-house service delivery through various tools like QR codes, smartphone apps, and Bluetooth technology. 

Boosting Staff Productivity with Contactless Services 

Allowing guests to seamlessly book rooms, check-in, and access their rooms directly allows staff to save a chunk of their time spent assisting guests go through the onboarding process. Now that social distancing must be adhered to strictly, contactless tools like QR codes, smartphone apps, and tablets are allowing staff to assist guests in the background. 

With already fewer experienced staff available for hotel operators, it is essential for managers to deploy these resources as efficiently as possible. Innovative cloud PMS solutions are even making task management easier for hotel managers, delivering timely information and updates as they occur. 

Remote staff connectivity tools are also making life simpler for hotel staff. Essential conferencing, chat, file sharing, cybersecurity and remote connectivity software is making it easier for staff to conduct their daily operations without the hurdles of COVID19. 

Creating New Avenues of Revenue

Contactless guest solutions can create multiple avenues to increase revenue for hotel owners. Harnessing the power of guest feedback, digital room service insights, guest behaviors, family dynamics, and social habits provides hoteliers the versatility to personalize the hospitality experience for every guest. 

Presenting guests with digital touchpoints like QR codes that allow them to access spa, gym, and bar facilities, or, a mobile app that delivers personalized offers like presenting the restaurant menus after guests have come from the pool area. 

Contactless services are a great way to reach guests when they are most relaxed with only their smartphones. The smartphone is a gateway for hoteliers to indulge guests into the variety of amenities and dining options available in house. Similarly, hotels can also offer special promotions for popular restaurants and clubs to allow guests to experience a highly personalized stay. 

Improved Communications & Engagement with Guests 

Contactless touchpoints like QR codes, apps, websites, and online shops are a great way for hotels to stay engaged with guests. Leading chatbots and digital chat features are increasingly being adopted by hoteliers for their sheer time and cost savings. 

Digital chat and chat bots are a rich feature that allows guests to feel home even though they may be confined to their rooms when in the hotel. Keeping guests engaged through digital chat services and social media feeds is a great way to eliminate isolation while making sures guests are satisfied even without human interactions. 

Hoteliers can deliver time information, health safety rules, COVID precautions, amenity information and special offers through contactless live chat services too. Guests can conveniently access digital chat services through their preferred platform anytime, with ready human assistance available. 

Contactless communications are a great way for hoteliers to receive service feedback, while constantly staying aware of guest sentiment. Many hotels are now integrating dedicated room tablets to allow guests to interactively communicate with hotel staff for any assistance. 


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Our contactless solutions include bluetooth room key services, self-check-in capabilities, digital payment system migrations, cloud PMS integration, remote work software, cybersecurity, and smart room applications. 

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